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Are you searching for office relocation movers who can easily manage the transit of your office items and types of equipment? There is no need to take stress; we can handle both small and large tasks safely and securely. Preparing for an office transit can be stressful, and an unlimited number of steps must be performed, from dismantling to reassembly. With the help of Best Auckland Removals, our customers experienced a safe and secure move within a minimum period without interrupting your business working hours.

Our professional office removals team in Akaroa are experts and know how to deal with every problem related to your office move. As we are a top leading company in New Zealand and operating for more than eight years, we are known as specialized office removalists are trained and qualified to have extensive experience working with thousands of customers and planning each detail of relocation all sorts of office equipment, computers, high-end servers, plotters, files, records, furniture, electronic systems and libraries in a hassle-free & organized manner. Our professional office movers also offer diverse forms of packaging such as anti-static packaging, vacuum packaging or HD foam packaging & customized crating, all under a single roof. If you’re preparing for upcoming office relocation, we’ll take the stress off your shoulders and manage the move from start to finish.

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Best Office Moving Company In Akaroa

Professional Office Relocation Services: A trusted expert relocation service can be essential for commercial relocation across New Zealand. When you want to hire expert office moving services, hire our Best Auckland Removals. We have a devoted office moving team specializing in office relocation. Our professional office movers are extensively experienced in any size of move, whether small or large and manage your entire office move efficiently. If you are considering to hire our office relocation, given below is the top list what our office service includes:

A Complete Written Bid: The first question which arises asked by anyone is How much will it cost? But it is not the single element that involves office relocation; there are many factors. When our professional office movers start your office move, we will provide you with a customer service representative to know your estimate and then thoroughly examine what is needed for your specific move. Based on the data collection, our skilled and qualified office movers arrange a complete list that shows the final cost for your office relocation. A comprehensive analysis of price will make it accessible to match with another list.

Appointment Of Project Supervisor: Office removals service includes moving vehicles with men to load or unload office items. It also needs a great deal of preparation to complete the task on time and professionally. This is why Best Auckland Removals start their work by appointing a supervisor who prepares everything related to the move and makes it easier so that everything happens safely and securely. Our supervisor is the crucial link between the moving company and all service providers.

Professional Tools & Types Of Equipment: We are known for our professionalism, so we have different kinds of a professional moving vehicles having innovative techniques with electronic tailgates to functional tools for fragile and crucial items. We also have furniture moving blankets with pads, containers and moving dollies. Our professional office movers have the required supplies to safely relocate your art and antiques to your new desired destination.

Pre Move Meeting: This pre-move meeting is for both customers as well as our team. This meeting helps our customers meet our movers so that they can know each other and for our staff, it helps the supervisor communicate about the various stages of office move and take all the details. And it is mandatory for employees that they have to respond to both at that time.

Key Steps For A Successful Office Removals In Akaroa

Tell The Time Of Move

Best Auckland Removals help suggest the businessmen prefer a moving date that creates the least amount of distraction and literally cuts your losses. Your office moving date should be influenced by:

  • You should advance or postpone any big project or any important meeting which is arranged or projected in the span of 1-2 weeks before moving.
  • Our office movers and packers service charges less on weekends. So you can plan your office move on the weekends without worrying about the cost of moving.
  • You can plan to move your office in the evening or night after the working hours.

Define The Tasks

Juggling office work while moving is not easy. For this, you should plan your move-in tasks and try to coordinate with your managers about any project deadline in between your move. You can delegate authorities in a way that none of the employees would feel burned by the work and at the same time you can have a team who would do all your notifications, important calls, inventorying the new office needs and making a planned workflow that goes parallel to your move and doesn’t affect your profits.

Book The Moving Company

You can book with Best Removals Akaroa and expect the finest moving experience. Book your pre-move survey absolutely obligation-free. In this pre-move survey, we will note all the important customization, special handling, size of the van needed, etc. In parallel, you will get a checklist of tasks that needs to be done before the moving day, a final quote free from hidden charges, and can clear your doubts and queries regarding the office movers Akaroa.

Why Choose Our Office Relocation Service In Akaroa?

We know that your company is expanding; so all you require a spacious area. Relocating your office from an old location to a new desired destination is not something that can just be done on the fly. Relocating all your office equipment is a hectic process that takes much preparation to move. There are few reasons why to opt for our office moving service:

Experienced Staff: The most apparent reason to hire professional movers for your office relocation is that they have professional knowledge and experience efficiently and adequately packing your entire office, including chairs, desks, monitors, and other things. We have experience of more than eight years in the field of relocation. Our professional office movers know what to move and how to move everything safely and securely during the entire office relocation process.

Lighten Employees Stress: Relocation means hectic. Moving to a new space can be hectic and upsetting, not only for the boss but also for the workers if you are looking to overcome the employee's stress of the big move. Hiring our office movers can assist you to move stress-free. You do not need to worry about your office items because all your stuff is in the hands of licensed and insured moving company Best Auckland Removals.

Well-Organized Plan: Our professional office removalists provide a systematic moving process that is unimaginable within a reasonable rate. Migrating from one place can be stressful as there are various small details that our professional office movers in Akaroa cannot ignore. Our skilled and expert office removalists deal with all sizes of relocation, whether small or large, organizations. Everything should be clear and systematic and ensure that all your office stuff is relocated swiftly, securely, and efficiently from the old location to the desired destination.

Professional Packing And Unpacking: Every boss wants to save time and prevent their employees from being hectic. All know that Best Auckland Removals is the most leading company in New Zealand and reputable office movers. We offer expert packing and unpacking services to our customers to make your office move easy. Packing and unpacking can be done before one week of the move so that there is less chance of distraction. If your office move plans correctly by your office movers with proper types of equipment, your workers would not have to lift a single finger during packing preparation and unpacking when your moves are completed.

Storage Facilities: Our professional office movers also keep your stuff safe if you need more time during your office relocation or want to keep your office fragile items safe. Our organization designated an area of different kinds of stuff and offered manageable long-term and short-term solutions. Our movers can safely and securely move your stuff to the storage house using the latest innovative technology.

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Our Professional Moving And Packing Service In Akaroa

Disposal Of Waste

There can be loads of unwanted papers and files that would be scattered around your desks which you want to get rid of. We will first start by collecting this waste; it can also be your old systems like the waste mouse, your old magazines, newspapers, dried up pens, old folded paper clips, filled up notepads, etc. We collect them in a box and help you get rid of them to ease your office relocation Akaroa.

Packing Office Electronics

Our office moving companies Akaroa pack the electronics safely using thick cardboard boxes with pillow stuffing. These include computer systems, printers, fax machines, scanners, ACs, coffee machines, microwave, etc. Mouse, keyboards, monitors are first covered with furniture paddings separately then boxed. Office arts and antiques are moved in crates to ensure a damage-free removal. These are covered in moving papers and tape, after which we secure them in wooden crates for departure. The cables and wires are folded and positioned using zip ties, secured in resealable mediums size poly bags and boxed.

Packing Office Furniture

While office furniture removals we usually disassemble them first. Like removing legs and part away from the segments of the office desk. Chairs and bookshelves are also unscrewed if possible and all the parts especially wooden furniture parts are packed in moving blankets separately and secured with heavy-duty tapes or else in a wrapping sheet. Hall couch is packed in furniture paddings and secured. All the screws, nuts and bolts are secured in ziploc bags.

Packing Personal Good

Best Auckland Removals' office movers Akaroa pack your personal items like you and your employee's frames, coffee mugs, showpieces, etc. only at your command. We do not count packing personal items on our list until you add up.

Our Convenient And Secure Storage Facility In Akaroa

Office relocations are not easy, before settling down in your new office with all your colleagues, you still need to ensure that the working environment is as before. And it often takes a little delay in managing all the technicalities. And when it's intercity or interstate office relocation across New Zealand, it takes a little more time to reestablish proper connections with your clients and investors. Here a storage house is needed to secure your important items whilst everything becomes normal. Best Auckland Removals provide you with a short term and long term storage facility both on a rental basis, the only difference is short term storage is given on a weekly basis and the long term is on a monthly basis, likewise the rents.

Office Removals in Akaroa

Both the long term and short term facilities are eligible for a storage insurance cover. Though our storage houses are extremely safe and temperature-controlled, which almost cuts down the risk of damage. Security measures:

  • Fire and burglar alerts
  • A temperature control system, ACs, and humidifiers
  • Ground built horizontal storage house for easy handling
  • Storekeepers and door card locks.
  • Computerized entry and exit

Office Furniture Storage And Transit Insurance

You will get indemnified for your damage or loss while in transit and in storage. If your office essentials get damaged due to vibration, or any unavoidable accident, you will get insured for the same. Likewise, if your belongings get damaged in the storehouse while lifting or due to any unavoidable accidents like fire or due to extremely high or low temperatures, you will be insured for the same.

You can claim anytime between 48 hours of relocation if your belongings turn out to be damaged while packing or unpacking, disassembling or reassembling and while moving out or moving in due to ill-treatment.

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Are you still confused? Need help and cannot find your answer above, please feel free to ask our office movers anytime, anywhere. You can also freely call us directly, and we are 24/7 available to help you happily. One of our customer service spokespeople will communicate with you at a time suitable for your requirements to arrange a visit to your office area for estimation.

FAQs | Office Removals Akaroa

Can you plan a move in a short space of time?

Of Course! Most of our customers need us to get their equipment delivered, complete and reinstalled in their new premises within just a few hours, which is not a big problem. Whatever you need, we will meet both ends to fulfil it- right down to the last detail, and our professional movers plan your relocation process as per your requirement.

Will your office removalists in Akaroa take care of all the supervisory requirements?

Your Relocation Manager can help you deal with contractors, ensure health and safety rules are followed and manage all the regulatory elements involved in moving and site administration. This will significantly lessen your paperwork difficulties!

What if my office items do not fit in one load?

At the time of appointment, one of our move consultants gives you an exact idea of how many moving vehicles and men you need based on your data. If your belongings cannot fit in the first vehicle, our team may be able to return for a second-round based on availability.

How many days before do I need to give notice for my office relocation?

As with residential moves, the more notice you can give us improves the possibility that we will help you on your chosen removal day. While we can sometimes fit you in at shorter notice, managing your transition plan 10 to 12 weeks in advance is a excellent way to secure the date you require.

What do I need to have ready before you start packing?

It would be great if you had done any sorting and distributing of your belongings before we visit, as well as for choosing anything that is to be thrown out or otherwise rejected. Our packing service is fast and effective and involves getting your belongings into boxes with minimal confusion.

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