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Expert House Movers In Christchurch

Moving a house to a new place is such a hectic process. We know it takes a lot of time, along with proper management and planning. We just got excited by the thought of changing home, but it brings a lot of stress along with fatigue. Shifting or moving is a hectic process. Apart from shifting we still have a lot of work to do. It is pretty challenging to manage all the work by yourself, isn’t it? Have you ever thought of how you will be going to do all the work? If not, then you don't need to worry about your house move; we Best Auckland Removals are here for your help.

We Christchurch removalists is a team of highly trained movers who have been working for the past several years in this field and providing every customer with a helping shoulder during the relocation of their house. You can get a lot of worthwhile and best services here in your budget. We genuinely understand that relocation is a hectic process that needs to be done with planning and proper management, and utmost care of items. That’s why we are here with a team for proper management and safe relocation of your house near you.

Numerous Benefits Of Choosing Us:

  • Our home movers Christchurch prepare your move rather straight on jumping to the execution.
  • Hire professional packers
  • Hire professional cleaners
  • Provides single item movers and packers service
  • Help you with the trash and junk by recycling
  • Affordable man and van services
  • Protects your belonging in our secures storage houses
Affordable House Movers in Christchurch

Perks Of Hiring Our House Removals Christchurch

Best Auckland Removals are some of the best house removalists in Christchurch. We offer high-quality services at the most affordable prices so that anyone can easily afford them. Relocation of the house brings a lot of stress along with tension. What we think is that house moving is one of the best feelings along with a touch of excitement, there should not be any stress in between, that’s why we are here with our most reliable house moving services to take over all your stress and bring some sort of help for you.

Experienced Workers

The first thing any customer looks for in any service provider is their total years of experience. Christchurch removal is a team of experienced workers. Till now, we have served numerous customers with our most reliable services. We have built a reputation as one of the best removal service providers in Christchurch. All the workers here are well trained and highly skilled. From doing small tasks to handling a whole house relocation, our workers know precisely what they need to do. Our house relocation services are the most reliable in Christchurch.

Affordable Price

After looking for experience, the very next thing we look for is budget. Like if these services are being under our budget or not. What are the benefits of having expert professional services nearby you if you can't even afford them? So don't worry about this matter, because Christchurch removal is not only best but also affordable.

We know there are a lot of extra expenses that occur when you decide to relocate your house though you have to settle on a limited budget that your pocket allows for your house relocation. We provide you with the best services at the best affordable price so that you can enjoy the best possible services at your pocket-friendly price.

Packing Of Belongings

Okay, so after looking for a budget, everyone wants to know about the services being provided to you. So here We, Christchurch removals, not only helps you in relocation but also do the packaging of your precious belongings. We know how much attachment a person can get to his furniture and belongings, they become a part of our daily life, and we take care of them. But packing every item all by yourself is a time consuming and hectic task to do. You need to look for every item carefully and then pack them.

But don't worry, with Best Auckland Removals, you don't need to worry about the packaging of your item as the packaging of the item will also be done by us using high-quality packing materials. We have a team of professional packers who will package your precious belongings with utmost care using high-quality products to ensure the utmost safety of your product.


After packing, We also do the loading of your item in the truck with utmost care. Loading of the item is the most crucial part during house moving because it takes patience and care. For this, we provide our best man and van removals service, as loading of items should be done very carefully so that there should not be any harm left over to any item.

Our expert movers take the responsibility of loading your item by using mighty pieces of equipment to ensure the safety of your item. All the vehicles we use for house removals services are also well equipped with significant safety equipment to ensure no harm occurs to your item.


After loading, your items will reach their destination at the time given to you, and you can also track your package to ensure the time and direction of your material. After the item reaches its destination, we will also provide unloading facilities, and you don't need to worry about how you will unload the materials.

We will unload every item from the truck into your new home, so ease your work as much as possible. We will be serving movers and packers services to take over all the stress of house relocation from you so that you can manage other essential works of yours in the meantime.


From Packing to Unloading, every task is done quickly, but now the left is unpacking. Imagine unpacking your items one by one; it seems time-consuming, right? Yes, it is, so don't worry, we will also do this hectic work in no time.

Once you choose us, we will be taking over all the hectic tasks regarding house relocation from Packing to unpacking. We will do everything, and you don't need to worry about anything. We aim to provide the best possible services to our customers.


All our work has been done at the unloading stage, but still, there is one work left which is getting feedback. We think of feedback as an essential part of our services because this is the only way to know how our customers think about our services; there is no meaning in providing services when people don't like them. So we initiate having genuine feedback from our customers and ask them if there will be any point of improvement in our services. So that next time, while providing services, we keep those points in mind.

If you are looking for the best and affordable house removal service provider in Christchurch, Best Auckland Removals would be the best choice for you. Contact us now and get best removals qoutes and discounts. We will bring ease to your house relocation process and let you enjoy this beautiful new home relocation experience by taking over your stress and workload. House relocation with our services should be stress-free and enjoyable for you and your family.

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Design Your Move With Our House Movers In Christchurch

If you have a moving date in your head, it's time you should start preparing for your move. Pick a notepad and start designing your weekly tasks. You can start by making a list of all those whom you’re going to notify, list of things you would not take with you, list of items to be donated, any online order you want to place before moving, list the payments that are pending, list items that need reparations and furnishing, book a pre-move survey with the moving company plan a get together with your colleagues, friends, and neighbors, etc. Remember to make a checklist based on day by day tasks or make weekly targets. For effective design, structure your plan for at least 12 to 14 days prior to the moving date.

House Removals In Christchurch

Book With Us

After being done with your important notifications, you can now get a pre-move survey booked with us. In this survey our house moving companies Christchurch will be preparing for the special packing for your unique furniture, like crates for your fragile, any different machinery needed for moving a complicated item, any customization by you in packing or cleaning service, taking all the measurements, planning for any uniquely designed house routes, making a list of vehicles to be used, their sizes, distance travel, and additional service availed like, storage and cleaning.

Benefits Of A Pre-Move Survey:

  • You can clear your doubts to face to face
  • You can ask about the final quote and hidden charges
  • Ask about the storage facilities and safety measures, rental charges
  • Decide on availing additional services with more clarity
  • Customize your packaging supplies
  • Get more clearance about your insurance cover
  • Get a checklist of things you need to be prepared of before moving

1 Day Before Moving-Checklist

So people don’t know exactly what they do or what their responsibilities are in the moving journey? They feel confused or unaware of how important it is to be prepared and initiate the moving process. It doesn’t end if you have booked a moving company and thinking that they’ll handle everything. Actually, you have to initiate this journey to get it done smoothly. So to fade away all your confusion, our household removals Christchurch provide you with a checklist of things that are only done prior 1 day of the move, to make it go as expected.

Things like turning off your electronic appliances, making the closet ready to just get your clothes packed on the day, empty and defrost your refrigerator, utilize the remaining and opened food, donate the unopened ones, only keep the food out that you’re cooking in the morning or any time before leaving, dry the hot tub, prepare a handy bag containing all the items of your recurring needs or which you’re instantly be needing when reached, a box of important medicines should be with you during the move, etc. these are small things that can do a lot in making the move more stress-free for you.

Our Additional Moving Services With House Removals Christchurch

In addition to relocate your household belongings, Best Auckland Removals offer a number of accessorial moving services that can considerably boost the speed and efficiency of your move. So, when filling the qoutation form, you are advised to carefully research the extra services offered by our house movers in Christchurch (as well as their charges) and choose the ones that best suit your needs and your house removal budget.

Offer High-Grade Packing Supplies

We offer professional packers who know how to best pack every item for a secure move and orderly unpacking and reassembling the furniture. Here are the most common packing supplies that we often use.

  • Moving Blanket for covering wooden parts like piano’s legs or body, pool table slates or rails, dining table legs, bed headboard or footboard, etc.
  • Furniture Padding to cover sofas, couch, and delicate chairs.
  • Wrappings, like bubble wraps, packing paper, and sheet wraps for fragile, cutlery, art and antiques.
  • Buckle Straps for positions heavyweight furniture or electronic appliance with the moving dollies. These straps help to pull the dolly easily via the ramps.
  • Heavy-Duty Packing Tape for stick the wrapping and close the packed boxes.
  • Pillow Stuffing in the boxes for fragile, electronics, and anything vulnerable to breaking or cracking easily.
  • Wooden Crates for fragile, sensitive items, antiques.
  • High-Quality Boxes for packing stuff like books, clothes, electronics, daily use items, your shoes, toys, and everything less weight or uneasy to break.
  • Labels the boxes for convenience.
  • Resealable Poly Bags to secure loose parts, screws, nuts bolts, etc.

Cheap Residential Cleaning Services In Christchurch

Cleaning the house in Christchurch and dealing with multiple chores can get you exhausted. With home cleaning services, you can relax and let the professionals make your space clean and hygienic. House cleaning is essential after move-in and move-out to make the old and new house look and smell better. Our expert house cleaners in Christchurch uses duster, vacuum machine, all-purpose cleaner and brush, sanitizer, spin mop, tissues, hand gloves, handy cloth, broom and dustpan, garbage polys, squeegee, etc. If you want to avail of our cleaning services give us a call, our staff is 24*7 available.

The area our professional cleaners cover:

  • Our pre-move and post-move cleaning services include cleaning the living area, bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom. We do the dusting vacuum, washing, wiping, sanitizing, scrubbing, and mopping.
  • Washing cleaning the slabs, tiles, floors
  • Wiping the electronics exteriors, light switches, showcases, taps, etc.
  • Scrubbing, sink, toilet seat and bathtub
  • Dusting and vacuuming the area rugs, carpets, etc.

Secure Storage & Removals Insurance Facility

We provide both short term and long term furniture storage facilities in Christchurch, on weekly and monthly rentals. Our storage houses are spread across main regions of Christchurch and protected with the state of the art DVRs which give real-time responding. It has all vital alarms like a fire alarm, burglar alarm, and door cards given to each of the storekeepers. Our house movers Christchurch team have temperature control segments separately built keeping in mind the climatic need of each and every furniture. For example, we have separate sections to keep Pianos which are complicated and deserve a temperature-controlled environment to keep their delicate wood retain its actual condition for a longer period of time. The controlled environment helps in protecting its wood from swelling or shrinking.

Best Auckland Removals' House Movers in Christchurch provides both transit and storage insurance for your belongings to make you feel light on your pockets and panic-free throughout your move. You can store your belongings with us, with a free heart as your properties are covered and secured.

Terms To Claim For Insurance Cover And Compensation

  • If your property is broken or cracked while relocation
  • Damaged while packing, unpacking, disassembling and reassembling
  • Missing from the storage house
  • Damaged in storage house due to fire, climatic condition like humidity

FAQs | House Removals Christchurch

Why should I hire movers and packers for your house relocation?

Everyone knows that moving from one place to another, whether locally, within a city or between two states, is a hectic task. You need to do proper planning for everything from packing to unloading, and doing everything all by yourself should be stressful and bring a lot of tiredness. Managing everything all by yourself is not so easy.

There can be a few different assignments during the time spent on your move that you might need to manage. Taking care of moving work will require a great deal of your valuable time and exertion. To be quite honest, you can't deal with the whole moving process all alone. Accordingly, enlist a moving company of expert packers and movers that can take all your moving necessities. Be that as it may, try to look at the believability, experience, permit, notoriety and validity of packers and movers before employing the moving company.

What are the primary services provided by movers and packers?

Packing and moving service providers give a thorough scope of relocation and transport-related services. Most movers offer their types of services for house moving. In any case, a few movers also offer their services for office moving, business products moving, industrial goods moving, bicycle moving, vehicle transportation, and worldwide moving. Some worth-added services can include warehousing and storage, pet moving, house plants moving, heavy item moving, soft item moving, furniture moving, pest control services, housekeeping services, furniture dismantling/reassembly, utility arrangement, and industrial travel protection. But some primary services provided by most house moving services include packing service, loading service, transporting service, unloading service, unpacking service and rearranging service.

Why do I choose Best Auckland Removals for my house move?

You can compare different House removal service providers near you With Best Auckland Removals. After comparing you will find that we provide superior moving services along with some additional bonus services at the best affordable prices. We have skilled and efficient house movers, fully equipped vehicles, latest tools and equipment, packing supplies, storage, insurance, and the most important thing is we are 24*7 available for our clients.

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