Moving from one place to another isn’t an easy task; it’s like shifting your whole world. There could be many memories, things, and a lot more, and other than this mental stress, we have to also deal with the physical strain.

We have to go shopping, do official work, and many more, and one of the most challenging tasks is shifting our luggage. If you are moving permanently then surely there will be a considerable amount of goods but worry not nowadays professional movers do this for you.

Yes, you heard right now. There is no need to stress about how you will carry this huge amount of package. You don’t need to do anything; they are experts in their fields and know how to carry heavy boxes, expensive things, and delicate things. 

They will arrive at your location in their van. Your task is to clearly explain to them where the boxes should be delivered and address any questions they may have. Additionally, specify which specific box they should carry and ensure that you label the boxes that you haven’t packed with ‘no packaging.’ Before the movers arrive, make sure that your items are properly packed. However, if you are wondering where to find packaging items in a city like Auckland, don’t worry. We will provide you with a list of five shops where you can easily obtain all the necessary packing supplies.

5 best Places To buy Packing Supplies In Auckland

1. Kiwi Renta Box

The first on our list is the Kiwi Renta Box. This store offers the best quality moving boxes and packing material. They also provide packing supplies for rent with is a very eco-friendly way.

One can reuse those supplies, which is also a budget-friendly way of packaging. The best part is they provide home delivery services; they deliver the boxes to your doorstep and then pick up the boxes when you are done with unboxing. They provide superior quality stuff with a quick delivery option. 

They just made your packaging so easy, you just need to place your order, and from delivering to pick up of boxes, they took the whole responsibility.

They also provide the option to customize your boxes, and their customer care team is so polite that you can clear any doubt or any question related to packaging with them. It is based at 11 Ohira Place, Henderson, Auckland 0612, New Zealand. Now, let’s move towards our second store.

2. Bunning Warehouse Grey Lynn

So the next store on our list is Bunning Warehouse Grey Lynn. It is based on the Great North Road of Auckland. It has a wide range of packing supplies, and like Kiwi Renta Box, it also provides a home delivery option.

It makes your packaging easy. You just need to place an order. You can go through their website and search for the packing stuff which is suitable for your luggage, i.e., make sure to choose the proper size as per your budget and then just place the order; there is no need to go outside and search for your stuff shop to shop when you can easily get it by sitting on your place. 

If by mistake you order any wrong size, then also there is nothing to worry about. You can exchange it. You will get your delivered to your doorstep very quickly.

If there is still any doubt, you can connect with them through their customer care number given on their website and clear all your doubts. Now, let’s move towards our third store.

3. Bunning Warehouse Glenfield

The next store on our list is Bunning Warehouse Glenfield. It is based on Archer’s Road in Wairau Valley. It has positive reviews related to its services.

It is another branch of the Bunning Warehouse Glenfield, which is based in Wairau Valley; if you live near the destination, then you can choose this option, like the grey line. It also provides online services, you just need to go through their website to order the product, and they deliver it to your doorstep. 

If you want to choose the product by observing it physically, you can visit their store and explore different types of products with more options; their workers will help you in choosing the size of the packaging as per your luggage, and once you are done with choosing the size or quantity of the packaging, they will deliver it to your doorstep, or if you realize afterward that the size isn’t working or you got extra packages, then it can be easily replaced and returned. Now let’s move towards our next store.

4. Pack And Send Manukau City

The next store on our list is Pack And Send Manukau City. It is based in the Manukau city center. Other than just providing packaging stuff, it made your work easier and stress-free. It packs your stuff for you and sends your stuff anywhere you want.

It offers the widest range of packaging and courier services in the whole of New Zealand. It provides the best quality of packaging. Many students, business suppliers, and wholesalers choose it as a perfect delivery option. 

If you are not comfortable with their packaging or want to pack your stuff on your own, then they also provide packaging supplies, and you will get various options at your doorsteps, so it’s up to you which option you are willing to choose. Now, let’s move towards our fifth and last store.

5. Storage King Panmure

The fifth and last one on our list is Storage King Panmure. It is based in Jellicoe Road Pamore of Auckland. As the name indicates, it is the king of storage, moving, and many more.

They provide a good quality of packing stuff other than Auckland it has branches almost all over New Zealand. They are New Zealand’s largest storage providers, and they also provide home delivery of packing stuff. 

To Conclude

These are the five best stores in Auckland, which make your packaging easy by providing the best quality packing stuff at your doorsteps. You can check out more such articles related to packaging and moving at our website, and if you are looking for the best movers and packers, contact us now and get free quotes.

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