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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs On Furniture Rmoval Service

Do you offer free moving quotes?

Yes, Best Auckland Removals offers obligation-free quotes and guarantees no hidden charges. You can anytime call us for a pre-move survey and get your final quotation. But of course, we provide our most close estimates on the call.

What are your payments options?

You can pay us via visa, debit, and credit card. If not, a direct bank transfer is also acceptable.

What are the items that you do not insure in transit?

We provide both in transit and storage insurance. But we do not offer insurance for heirlooms, jewelry, perishables, cash, important documents, medication, and expensive antiques. If you are moving with these items, you have to take care of your own.

Do you make customized crates for antique?

Yes, we provide custom crates for your antiques. We also customize the crates as per the size of your item. With that, we usually go for furniture paper and bubble wrap to cover them and secure in crating with pillow stuffing to ensure they will reach safely.

Do you disassemble the furniture before loading?

Yes. We often disassemble the oversized furniture for safe handling. We disassemble items such as your dining table, bed, piano, pool table, wardrobe, etc. And secure all the nuts and bolts or loose parts in a Ziploc bag so for an easy reach while reassembling.

FAQs On Man And van Service

Can you guide me with the van size I should go for?

So we cannot provide you with what van size to go for as it fully depends on how much you want to load? You may go for a medium-size van which is perfect for 2 people’s belongings. For a clear idea, you first have to list down your items with us.

I want to relocate my couch. Is your man able to pack it?

Best Auckland Removals men with the van are trained and experienced. They do packing, disassembling, and loading all the jobs accurately and professionally.

Can I make a change to the booking list?

Alterations like, adding up an item, changing the route, take additional charges. So it’s recommended to contact us if you have already done the booking or have a move on its way.

Can you carry a few additional boxes in the van?

If there is space left in the van after all the loading, then, of course, we will carry those additional boxes for sure.

How can I book your man and van?

You can fill the form, contact us directly or email us Our customer support will reach you between 30 min to 48 hours.

FAQs On Pool Table Removal Service

Can you move a pool table without disassembling it?

In order to move a pool table safely, it is needed to take it apart. Without disassembling it will be very difficult to smoothly take it to the loading van. If else taken without dismantling could cause serious damage to the pool table.

How long does it take to reassemble the pool table?

It almost takes 1.5 to 2 hours to reassemble a pool table accurately. The whole process needs specialized knowledge and time to time scaling to accurately even out the pool so as to not get any trouble while playing.

Do you provide insurance for the pool table?

Yes. We provide both transit and storage insurance for all your furniture. You can claim within 48 hours of your relocation if you find out to have any damaged in your property while moving or in storage.

Do you provide any special offers?

Yes. Your pool table removal will come under our single item movers and packers service which is very affordable as compared to other movers in the market.

How can I get an instant quote?

While moving single items like the pool table, we usually offer instant quotes without any hidden charge. You can fill the quote form or give us a call to get the quote.

FAQs On Piano Removal Service

Are your movers fully trained?

Yes. Our professional movers and packers have gone through specific training that is built to aid people. They are trained and experienced in dismantling the piano, packing it by high-quality packing supplies, and well equipped with moving machinery. We do not compromise with the quality of service and ensures 100 percent safe removal.

How well is your storage facility?

We provide a storage house monitored by state of the art systems and are temperature controlled to ensure your piano is at the safest place if not at your home. You can fully rely on our storage services because we have 24*7 working DVRs, Storekeepers, and computer recorded entries.

Is your piano packaging competitive?

Yes, our piano packaging is a step of professional piano packaging specifically designed to secure the piano from all the corners during the transit. We use high quality moving paddings and blankets to cover the body and legs. Secure the loose parts in Ziploc bags.

What if I change my dates?

If you change your dates, first you need to cancel your piano removal booking a day earlier than moving. For that, you can call our office and simply talk and tell your new dates and renew your booking. This will not take additional charges.

What van size to select for moving my piano conveniently?

It totally depends on what type of piano you have; it could be upright, electric, baby grand, or Grand. Then its weight also influences the size of the van. To get clarity on what size t select simply call us in our office and get the van size with estimates.

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FAQs On Cleaning Services

How can I book your Move in Cleaning Services?

To avail of our move-in cleaning service, you simply need to add up while booking a moving service. Make sure to add all the customization when you book our services. We offer Kitchen, Bathroom, Living room, and Bedroom cleaning.

What are your cleaning rates?

Our cleaning rate depends on individual needs. Our experience has made us rely on that we cannot set fixed cleaning rates. During a pre-move survey, we will get you the quote that will be specifically made for your house or office. The area to clean, lifestyle, space condition, time to be taken, clutter, presence of pet hair, etc. Book your free pre-move survey and get the quote.

What if something gets damaged while cleaning?

Best Auckland Removals Cleaning service professionals are ingrained with experience and we take utmost care while cleaning your home or office. But any of your items get damaged; you will be indemnified for the same. Our cleaning services are fully insured like our moving services.

What cleaning supplies do you use to clean offices?

We use the standard cleaning equipment like a duster, vacuum cleaning, mop, broom and dustpan, scrubber, all-purpose cleaner, sanitizers, brushes, wipers, wiping cloths, and cleaning papers.

How do you accept payment?

You can pay through, debit and credit card, through cheque and if nothing than direct bank transfers are also accepted. You can contact our office for any such query, we would love to sort.

FAQs On House Removal Service

What size are your boxes?

Generally, we use pack 2 and pack 6 boxes. Along with that, a general-purpose box is also used. Pack 2 is 18*18*18 and pack 6 is 18*13*13. We customize according to the need and special handling requirements.

Can I get a Checklist to follow?

You can get a simple yet effective checklist on our house mover’s and furniture mover’s page. For any confusion just give us a call.

How can I pay for my removal and storage facility?

You can pay via debit card, credit card, and cheques. But if you are facing any problem paying with these options you can transfer directly through your bank. To book our house removal service, do contact us today or fill the inquiry form on our website our team will respond you between 30 min- 48 hours.

How much notice do you require?

Our Men are instantly available if you want, though if you are planning to move your house then notice prior to 1 week or 2 would be excellent. Call us today for instant estimates.

How many men will do the removals?

Depending upon the items, and their sizes, plus additional service you apt for, We decide the quantity of house movers you will require. So the number of staff will be decided based on your information. Usually, we send 2 to 6 men for house removals. But more men will be provided as per your needs.

FAQs On Office Removal Service

Do you move IT equipment?

Yes, we move office equipment, from your PCs and Laptops to cables and wires, we move every IT. Our men are trained in office relocations and they will reinstall as well.

What packaging do you use to cover printers and scanners?

We pack the electronics securely using thick cardboard boxes and pillow stuff for protection against vibrations. These include computer systems, printers, fax machines, scanners, ACs, Coffee machines, Microwave, etc. Mouse, keyboards, monitors are first covered with furniture paddings separately then boxed.

Do you relocate to the office during weekends?

Yes, we relocate offices on weekends and after working hours. Whichever time suits you best just make sure to give us a notice as soon as possible if you have a date in your mind.

What are the security measures for my office furniture storage?

Best Auckland Removals Office storage house is secured by high alert systems, we use fire and burglar alarms, store in protective containers, use state of the art DVRs, door card locks, and computerized records of storekeepers entering and exiting.

Do you dismantle office furniture?

Yes, if possible Our office movers team will dismantle the desk and shelves and reassemble them when reached the destination

FAQs On Intercity Removal

Can I pack myself?

We do not accept owner packed items as we do not take guarantee of their damage. So it’s better and advised if your hiring long intercity movers let our professional packers do the packing. You will be insured for your belongings if we pack them.

What should I do with my Garden Mowers?

We advise to first drain the fuel if you have garden mowers and chainsaws. We do not carry any inflammable item, gas cylinders, oils, paints, harmful chemicals, and any item which could be hazardous or harmful.

How much will my intercity move cost?

It’s quite difficult to tell, in cases of larger moves, pre-move survey becomes very important to come to a final quote as we have to take into account, the distance, staff required, the vehicle used, special handling, packaging, access, size of consignment, etc. For a free pre-move survey mail us or fill the online quote form, we will respond to you before 48 hours.

Do you provide weekly storage?

Yes, our short term storage facilities are provided on a weekly rental basis. Call us today to know more about our storage and insurance policies.

How can I pay for long term storage?

The most known and popular option to store for a long period of time is by credit card.

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