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Tips For A Stress Free Move In Auckland

It is always preferable to pack certain items one day before the moving day just so you don’t have to reach out through all those packed boxes to find a comb or a toothbrush. We at Best Auckland Removals, today will share some of the most common yet often ignored tips which is, to pack your moving kit. We will tell you what is the exact way of packing your moving Kit when getting set for the next day.

Things To Pack In A Moving Kit



Make sure to put your important medications in a separate pouch, just to assure getting them on time, without a hassle. This separate pouch should be kept handy throughout the move because this is the most important thing of the day that one should even not go deep inside the moving kit to find them if they cannot afford a delay. So it's always expected to put your medicines aside in a pouch and not even in the moving kit.

Furniture Removals


Adding your basic toiletries into the moving kit is a smart option. To prevent the potential leakage from vibrations while moving is another thing to get your notice on. Unscrew the bottle, cover the opening with a piece of the wrapper, or you can also use a ziplock polybag as well. Now tight close the bottle with the cap again. Other toiletries like toilet paper, soap, shower curtains, etc, should not be missed.

Moving House


Your moving contract, important bills, license, ID, and any document that you may need while during the move, or when reaching your new location, etc. should also be packed handy.

House Removals

General Items

Things of general use, like your contact glasses, lens, snacks, laptop, water bottle, earphones, a pair of clothes, comb, book, etc should also be packed before the move. All these items cannot be kept on standby while your new home is in the process of settling down and would feel more like home.

Single Item Removals

Things You Can Add

  • Pack a bag of snacks for kids.
  • Pack a few extra vaccines for your pet.
  • Supplements for pet, in case you have one.
  • A first aid kit just in case of an emergency.
  • Kettle and coffee maker for the day of moving and when reached.

Take The Stress Out Of Moving

An Ultimate Tips For A Stress Free Move

Moving is painstaking and stressful. We all know this, but a planned out move is just the opposite. The feeling of an organized pre-move week lands a fun-packed moving day. That is why it is important to get yourself prepared in detail and advance for your moving day and aftermath.

Let's talk about it! How can you get an easy peasy move and what are those golden steps that are to be followed. We at Best Auckland Removals understand that extra need for guidance or a plan and lost at a point, seeking guidance on how they too can make things go well and prepare themselves for an efficient moving journey on their parts.

How can you prepare for your removal planned for next month?

Moving Service In Auckland

3 Weeks Before The Moving Day

  • Keep a notebook or a dairy oriented only for your moving checklist and budget calculations. Budget your extra expenses over the moving cost.
  • Plan your moving day for Weekends. Ask for time off if you are moving locally.
  • Book a mobility service and search for nearby schools and other departments, where you may have to register yourself and your Kids too. Also, request a transcript from the old school.
  • Get aware of all the services that our moving company is providing, which you could lack out on. Make sure to read all the papers of contract, terms, and conditions carefully, however, our customer support service will give you all the vital information.
  • Sell off anything that you can and which you don't want to take with yourself. Plan a donation point for items that you couldn't sell.
  • Get informed if there is any move in day requirement at your new accommodation or not.
Moving Service In Auckland

2 Weeks Before The Moving Day

  • If you are shipping your car, get it serviced and make sure to empty stuff like jacks and tiers from inside it. 
  • Confirm any new packing requirement or more, by calling our customer care staff.
  • Donate the stuff that you may not be using any sooner or may not take with you. Use the eatables, and donate items that we cannot move like inflammable, paint, aerosol cans, oil, bleach, etc
  • Pick up clothes from laundry, return books to the library, return any rental stuff, pay back your pending dues.
  • Delay any online delivery and inform your friends and colleagues about the move.
  • Make sure to inform and ask for your medical, optical, and dental reports. And if possible and seems necessary, do get a routine checkup done if remaining.
  • Transfer your Television and Internet subscription, do let all the major and legal authorities know and apply for a change in address.
  • Get your pet checked as well and ask for any vet report if remaining to collect. Make sure to pack a few extra vaccines for your pet if you are moving interstate.
  • Secure a compilation of your legal and fundamental documents.
Moving Service In Auckland

1 Week Before The Moving Day

  • Recycle or dispose of flammables. And make sure to get an answer on the items that we don't cover in our moving terms and conditions, which means that we don't move or store.
  • Make a 1-week plan to eat out perishable food items that are remaining in the refrigerator.
  • Remove light bulbs from alternate lamps and set them aside, ready to move. Start categorizing stuff.
  • Ask your friends to take care of your pet for a day. You can also contact the Pet's care institutions for the moving day or prior a week of moving if you feel hassle while preparing.
  • Apply for a change in the address from social security administrations and notify government agencies and offices, within a week prior to moving.
  • Do not buy any extra groceries. Do buy anything at minimal and planned out.
  • Empty fuels and gas from mowers, grills, heaters, etc.
Moving Service In Auckland

1 Day Before The Moving Day

  • Pack your moving kit that would help you survive without much effort for 24 hours.
  • Disconnect the electronic appliances like refrigerator, spa tub, television, etc.
  • Drain and dry fridge, bathtub, and washing machine.
  • Have everything confirmed with our furniture movers for your console.
  • If you have booked an End of the lease cleaning service for the moving day, prepare for some refreshments for the movers.
  • Withdraw cash to tip the movers if you want.

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