Hello plant lovers! You, people, have a very separate section of super caring and loving personalities. Love for plants is divine and can only be entirely understandable by another plant owner.
It is challenging to go for a great move, and if you own the addition of living beings like plants, then the move becomes ten times tougher. You have to be very organized when deciding to move with plants.
Also, if the move is for a very long distance, the planning demands to be precise to avoid any damage. When you’re busy planning your next big long-distance move, don’t forget to give your botanical friends the attention they need.
We know this is a bit tough for you to fix, so to ease your concern for the plants, we have made some tips for you to learn about the correct methods of moving to a longer distance with plants. Here you go!

7 Tips To Move Long Distances With Plants

1. Make Your Plant Ready 

It is essential to let your plant be healthy, and for this, there is a need to prepare your plant for the move. This means that you have to remove the extra weedling grown inside the pot and near the plant. These weeds make your plants unhealthy.

Also, do not forget to eliminate the dead leaves and plants. Sometimes a few branches of the plant are shed out in the container. If you plan to take your plants with you to the new place, then get rid of these extra weights, and do this activity at least one or two weeks before the move.

2. Remove The Heavy Pots

As you are taking the pots for a long distance, there is no way you can carry the heavyweights of your goods plus the extreme weight of the plant pots.

Therefore, to reduce your load, you can re-pot your plants, which means you can pick out your plant from the heavyweight pot and plant them into the light-weighted plastic pots. Do it two or three days before the big move.

3. Choose Their Place As Per Temperature

The weather condition can directly affect your plants. So, to avoid any further damage possibilities, you should keep your plants in a place away from any extreme weather situation.

For example, if the weather is too hot and harsh, you must keep your plants inside a shed or in the vehicle you are moving through. If the weather is too cold, you also need to cover your plant because cold waves can deteriorate the leaves.

As you are moving to a long distance, if like in between you stop in any hotel just in case for a night break, you should take your plants inside with you. Do not leave them behind in the vehicle, as this can be bad for plants if the temperature is too cold or vice versa.

4. Watering Your Plants Properly

While you are planning for the move or in the middle of a move, your plants need food like you. Keep watering them on time. It will fulfill their food requirements.

No matter what the temperature is or the place where you’ve kept them, it is essential to maintain the comfort of the plants. Your plants need a sufficient amount of water if you are moving on a hot summer day, do it even on the moving day.

If the temperature is cold and you are moving in winter, it is essential to let the soil dry. For this, you have to water the plant one or two days prior to the move. 

5. Take Charge Of Your Responsibility Toward Plants

There is a straightforward rule for moving: you should handle all the responsibilities alone, whether you have hired any moving company or someone else. Ultimately, your belongings are yours only, and you should be the one who must take care of them.

Your plants are like a part of the family, and they grow beautifully if you keep them as lovable ones, which is one of the qualities of any plant lover.

If you hire a moving company, what is the guarantee that they will take care of your plants as you are while moving? Who knows, they will pack the plants in boxes for transportation; that is why you should be actively involved in the process correctly.

6. Choosing Any Specific Plant Moving Service Providers

This section has not grown up well, but still, few service providers offer this unique experience of moving with plants. Without proper planning and execution, the plants can get damaged.

You need to provide full coverage to all the plants before taking them for the move. Also, the move will be long-distance, and you cannot take any risks with your plants.

So, you can hire any professional offering this service of shipping your plants even over a long distance. Contact them at least many days before the move, so they can take your plants from your current place to ship them safely to the new place.

7. Ask Your Knowns To Keep Them

At last, after all these trials of arrangements, in case you still feel miserable and sad about not being able to take plants with you for the long-distance move, then do not worry at all.

You can keep your green babies at any of your friends or family members’ places. You can ask if they do not have any problem with this. Let them now take care of the plants. By this, your plants will be healthy, and also you will not have to take stress about them anymore.


In conclusion, moving long distances with plants requires careful planning and execution. By following the provided tips, such as preparing the plants, repotting them, considering temperature conditions, and watering them properly, we can minimize the risks of damage. Taking personal responsibility and actively participating in the moving process is essential to ensure the plant’s well-being. Alternatively, trusted friends or family members can care for the plants if bringing them along is not feasible. We can ensure our green companions thrive during the journey with love and attention. Remember, extra effort goes a long way in safeguarding our beloved plants during a long-distance move.

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