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Pool Table Movers Te Aroha

Professional Pool Table Movers In Te Aroha

The pool table is a tricky, expensive and heavy item. There are a lot of people who love to play snooker, and these days it is included in their hobbies. A pool table is also a good centre point of attraction for some people. The pool table is an oversized item too. So when you are thinking of moving a pool table, the struggle will also be on the way for you. Moving a pool table is not an easy thing. It can not be moved easily because you need to have proper knowledge of your pool table, including assembling and disassemble different parts of the pool table.

All the pool tables are of different sizes and weights; there are some specific pieces of equipment and packing tools. If you are thinking of moving your table, you need to have proper knowledge of that. That's why most people recommended hiring professional pool table removalists in Te Aroha to move their pool table with surety and safety.

Moving is a hectic process, whether it is a house moving or a specific item moving, a person needs to take two or more days off from their work to engage in the process of moving, and it also costs a lot, and it also increases stress. But hiring professional movers, you will get rid of all the problems, from planning to execution; professional movers in Te Aroha will do all the work.

While moving, everyone wants to spend less and tries to do most of the work by themselves but moving a pool table is not everyone's cup of tea. A slightly small mistake can make you feel bad after, and we know the struggle. Thats why we recommend you to choose professional pool table movers, and they will move your pool table quickly using specific moving pieces of equipment. But if still, you want to move your pool table by yourself with the help of your family and friends and would like to save your budget, let us help you with some steps to moving a pool table.

Affordable Pool Table Movers In Te Aroha

Benefits Of Hiring Expert Pool Table Movers In Te Aroha

Experienced Movers

Most people will recommend hiring professional movers for their move because of their experience. Expert movers have experience in moving a pool table or any item with utmost care without any damage. They know their work ideally and make a difficult move possible in just a few easy steps. They will be your most reliable partners during the move and will ease your work and help make your move stress-free for you.

Packing And Unpacking

Expert movers in Te Aroha will provide you with packing and unpacking services; all you need to do is hire the best pool table removalists in Te Aroha to move your pool table. If you want to hire expert pool table movers in Te Aroha, hire Best Auckland Removals as your professional movers. We have good quality packing material to pack your pool table carefully, and we will also provide you with the unpacking facility of your pool table.

Assembling And Disassembling

Along with packing and unpacking, expert movers will also provide you with assembling and disassembling your heavy pool table. We have all the required equipment to disassemble and assemble your pool table, and we have experience in assembling a pool table without doing any harm to it. By hiring Te Aroha removalists, you will get all in one service in your pocket-friendly budget.

Well-Equipped Moving Truck

Expert pool table removalists have well-equipped trucks of different sizes that will be provided to you according to the size of your pool table. These trucks are well equipped from inside and outside to protect your pool table from any damage during the move. All the trucks are also well serviced and well clean.

Budget-Friendly Move

Expert pool table removalists in Te Aroha will provide you with an expert moving services at the best possible price. They will provide you with all the reliable services at a cost-effective price. Everyone is curious about the budget, and that's why Best Auckland Removals provide the best moving and cleaning services at the most affordable prices in Te Aroha so that anyone can afford them. So hire Te Aroha removalists and make your move stress free and hassle-free. And enjoy your pool table moving with ease.

How Our Te Aroha Pool Table Movers Work?

A successful pool table move is defined as the right inspection, clean disassembling, and careful packaging and successful reassembling. Dismantling and reinstalling both can only and only be carried out via a professional skill set.


So this very first step is as vital for you as for us. We check the type and condition of your pool table, take some pictures to organize the plan, source the right equipment and machines. And at the same time, you will get the free quote and right insurance cover as per the condition of the pool. This step though sounds conventional but puts the foundation of a successful pool table removals Te Aroha service.


It highly depends upon the type of pool table that it requires what level of disassembling. Some pool tables are easily disassembled to their core, but few are hard to disassemble, like, you cannot do more than remove their legs only and have to carry the whole structure as it is. Many even do not allow this also. So if your pool table requires disassembling the first thing we would do is remove the pockets then cushions and then the side rails. Then we unstapled the felt which is the soft cloth spread on the slate.

Slate is placed on the base structure or a frame is the heaviest part of the pool table. All the three slates are removed with the help of a proper screwdriver; we unscrew it from the base then the legs remain quite easy to part.


For packaging, we use moving cloth or blanket, tiny poly bags, last plastic sheets, moving tape, and for loading we manually move all the parts. If the pool table is not disassembled we use flat dollies to move it smoothly near the moving vehicle.

Our man with van removals service has standard pool table packing materials chosen, keeping in mind the parts and their texture. Each part of the pool table which is disassembled requires a different packing material.

  • Pockets: wrapped with moving paper and boxed
  • Rails And Cushions: Each rail and cushions are separately covered or packed with moving blanket, taped and secured
  • Felt: Folded and covered with plastic wrapping sheet and boxed
  • Slates: Packed in moving blanket and tape. For double coating, furniture paddings are used
  • Legs: Packed in moving blanket and coated with furniture paddings
  • Nuts And Screws: Secured in a box
  • Balls And Cues: Secured in the box with pillow stuffing


First the legs are placed and over them, the rails. The base structure is screwed and made ready. After the scaling, we assemble the slates over the base. With the help of screws and wax glue, we stick all the three slates with each other. At this step, we also check by placing a ball and scale if the surface is even or not. Then re staple the felt on the slate. Now after this we set the rails and cushions with the help of a power drill. Now last but not the least pockets are screwed. At all the stages proper scaling is done to ensure a perfect reassembling.

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Why Choose Our Pool Table Movers In Te Aroha?

Skilled Hands

Best Auckland Removals Pool Table Removals Te Aroha provides high quality, professional service. Our team is of skilled and experienced staff who provide you a top-notch moving journey, stress-free removals, never short on time gives you that extra effort and service excellence worth your money. We have done 1800 plus pool table removals in Te Aroha that makes us the entrusted and reliable moving company in the market and paves the ways to grow more and more by giving our experience and all-rounder services to our customers.

We understand and fathom how difficult pool table removals Te Aroha are and in between what could be the potential problems in that process. Sensing the problems at the right time solves half of the issue and with the trained team, we ensure the issues get resolved to maintain the standards.

Affordable Pool Table Movers

Though we don't give exact quotes on calls as pool table movers Te Aroha are first planned. Such oversized furniture needs to be moved with all the care and handling might get impacted by the architecture of the area through which the pool table is going to be moved.

On the call, we definitely can tell you our average costs incurred in a pool table removals Te Aroha as per our experiences but the actual and exact cost is only set after getting the idea of the architecture like stairs, high rises, etc. distance to be traveled, budget-friendly solutions if possible or added and additional services acquired. For a quick estimation give us a call right now.

Right Equipment

We at Best Auckland Removals ensure that your pool table will be disassembled and moved delicately, using the right tool for each step. Right tools are very important as these will help to protect your table from damage during the handling, for example, if we would not use the staple puller to remove the felt, and do it manually or even not remove it, the felt could get damaged easily and won't be able to reuse. This will increase your expenses. Likewise at the time of reassembling we use scales to measure the height of the pool table and see if it's even from all the sides, which is a very important and dedicated task in itself. You can only play on an evened pool table. So these unnoticed things are tasks for us that can only be completed with the help of the specialized skills and essential equipment.

Careful And Attentive Staff

By saying we care, we mean providing the best removals service within the budget exceeding your expectations. If you have chosen us it simply means that you have chosen quality. Our care involves, being on time, providing the best packaging and handling solutions, treating your valuables as ours, listing down your concerns and working on it, giving you the best resources, throwing away all your stress and troubles, and making your moving journey flawless and uninterrupted.

Our Convenient Pool table movers Te Aroha with Secure Storage Facility with Insurance

Our pool table movers in Te Aroha provides storage facilities in most of the places in Te Aroha. Our storage houses are secured by state of the art DVRs and High alert Alarms that play a major part in protecting your valuables. Other than that, we have door card locks and 24*7 monitoring storekeepers who are strong, attentive, and specialized.

To minimize the handling we have built a platform architecture. Our pool table movers Te Aroha offer you both the short term storage facilities on a weekly basis and long term storage facilities on a monthly basis. So if you are not in a hurry to relocate your pool table because your house is getting renovated or you still have to search for a better living space or, etc. you don't have to be more worried now as your pool table will be safe with us.

Pool Table Removals In Te Aroha

For more security and your consolation, our movers and packers service comes with both the in transit and storage insurance that will cover the true value of your belongings. The insurance will cover all the damages that could occur due to in-transit vibration, accident, uncontrollable weather, etc. And in storage damages due to temperature, ill-handling, missing property, or any part of the property. Though we haven't faced any such loss while handling the property, we still provide insurance cover to our customers for a stress-free storage experience and 100% moving satisfaction.

FAQs | Pool Table Movers Te Aroha

Is it ok to move a pool table without disassembling it?

The answer should be NO. Moving a pool table without disassembling it will increase the risk of damage. Usually, what will happen is your slates will shift and get cracked. And as you know that a pool table is a heavy item; thus, moving it without disassembling will need strong human resources, and it weighs not only high but also is oversized and usually, it is not possible to pass a pool table assembled through the front doors because doors are not that huge. It would be better if you disassemble your pool table first and then move it.

Can a pool table be moved upstairs?

Yes, movers can move a pool table upstairs, but some extra charges will be added. We know that some people have their place on the first floor and the floor above so you can also have your pool table at your place with the help of movers. It charges a few more because uplifting this heavy item is a much challenging task to do.

How much time does a moving company take to move a pool table?

Time taken to move a pool table will depend on the size, weight, and distance of the pool table. If you want to move a pool table locally, it will take from 5-6 hours to 9-10 hours to move it. And more time will be taken during an interstate move and the number of movers engaged in moving that pool table. Factors like difficulty in moving, packing, assembling and disassembling the pool table will also be included.

How long does a pool table last?

The life of a pool table depends on the usage and maintenance of the pool table. How you used it and how you have maintained it. If used correctly and carefully, it will never break. You will only need to change the cushions, table felt, and pockets every 7 to 15 years. The pool table is an expensive item designed to be used for years. But its life depends on its usage.

What kind of room space is needed for a pool table?

A maximum-sized room is recommended for a pool table, and a pool table is an oversized item. It is recommended to have at least 5 feet of clearance from each side of the pool table. This is the average size map recommended, but another factor that directly affects the size of the room is the size of your pool table. So first, measure the size of the pool table before purchasing it.

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