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Professional Intercity Movers In Whangarei

What kind of process is moving? You never know until you do get involved in it. To begin knowing about an interstate move. Moving interstate means shifting from one city to another along with all or some of your belongings—any kind of moving, whether interstate or intercity, is time-consuming, hectic and stressful. From planning to actual shifting, all needs to be done with utmost care and safety.

Intercity moving is not so easy with all the belongings. You have to pack, load, move each and every item carefully. Thinking of doing all the moving by yourself is not a good idea. That’s why we recommend you to choose professional intercity removals experts in Whangarei to move your house or any item safely.

Moving intercity comes up with a lot of workloads, and in between, you also have to pay attention to moving. So it will be better if you hire some professional intercity movers to do this moving job for you and so that you will be able to look after some other important work of yours. Moving is that process that needs proper attention, time and effort. You can’t move your belongings or house without considering everything. So let’s discuss some benefits on moving intercity.

Affordable Intercity Movers in Whangarei

Benefits Of Our Intercity Removals Service:

  • You will find yourself at a better place in terms of budget and quality
  • We provide move out and move in cleaning service
  • Knowledge of each and every route, whether moving from Whangarei to Christchurch, Wellington, Tauranga, or any other suburb.
  • Instant intercity removals
  • Professional packaging guaranteeing zero damage risks example flat screen television cartons
  • Intercity business to business deliveries
  • Vehicle and pet relocation
  • Custom crystal crates for your antiques
  • Disassembling oversized furniture
  • Competitive offers based on weekdays
  • Free pre-move survey
  • Highly convenient and secured storage services
  • The dedicated team coordinating you throughout the move and a lot more.

Key Steps For A Successful Intercity Removals In Whangarei

If you want to make your house or office removal a success you can follow our given steps. These steps are purely made with experience and work excellent as a checklist for the tasks that people often don't pay attention to and afterward get stressed out. So for a quick glimpse of how you can too, get prepared in advance for a hassle-free intercity relocation, go through our checklist.

Make A To-Do List- (1-2 Week Prior)

Make every day go through the list, that helps you build up for a good intercity removal. It doesn't matter if you are a commercial professional or a household individual; a to-do list always helps almost everyone. In this list, you're going to be making detailed targets that you think cannot be missed. Like people to notify, organize the utility transfers, like gas, electricity, internet, TV, phone, etc. You can add up authorities where you have to change your address, like, drivers license, banks, schools, ID cards, medicals, mobile phone service, etc. Pay attention to the items that you aren't going to take with you, donate what you can or sell-off.

1 week before your moving day, you can start eating and emptying your pantry, utilize the food, do less shopping, and put aside the items that you can take with you. Cancel any online delivery, drain the fuel from the chainsaws, recheck all your confirmations, if you're living in the rental house you can ask for a security deposit, and last but not least book a pre-move survey with our interstate movers Whangarei 7-10 days earlier.

1 Day Prior

  • Defrost your refrigerator for convenient packing and handling
  • Dry up your hot tub for an easy loading
  • Disconnect your electronic appliances
  • Don't water your plants to avoid the leakage during the move
  • Make a survival box containing the vital stuff that you will need during the transit or immediately after reaching the destination.
  • Detach your BBQ cylinder.

Why Choose Our Professional Intercity Movers In Whangarei?

Experienced Intercity Removals

Professional Intercity Removals experts in Whangarei are experienced and well-trained movers and packers. We do our work effectively and efficiently. We have been working for the past several years to make your move easy. Moving is a hectic and stressful process, and thats why we are here to provide you with the best possible services. For a better and stress-free move, choose Best Auckland Removals as your ultimate moving partner.

Loading And Unloading

We will also do the loading of items. Loading must be done carefully, at there is a high risk of getting damage to the item during the loading process, but you don't have to worry about this, we have experienced workers who know their work and can make this hectic move easy. Along with Loading, we also provide an unloading service of items just like loading, and it will also have a risk of getting damaged.

Packing And Unpacking

Moving is a time-consuming process, and hence almost half of the moving time is engaged in packing items. It is the most essential part of the move. If things are packed unproperly, it may lead to damage to the items, and it is essential to pack each item with utmost care and security to ensure the safety of the items. Along with packing, we also provide unpacking facilities to save time and lower your workload.

Secure Moving

Professional Best Auckland Removals provide a secure and damage-free move. We know how much a person's belongings matter to him. Thins related to us have memories in them. Thats why we provide our customers, a secure and safe move. We ensure the safety of your material throughout the move. All the vehicles used by professional intercity removals team are well-resourced to protect your material during the intercity move.


For us, The Best Auckland Removals, feedback is an integral part of the move. As what we thought is, getting feedback from our customers will help you in improving our services and also encourage us to do our work with full enthusiasm. After providing services, we ask our customers to provide us honest feedback and tell us if there is an area for improvement, and we also work on those key areas to make our services even better.

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Expert Packing Services Along With Interstate Removals Whangarei

Our professional packers will make sure your belongings will be safely moved during the long-distance moving. For house furniture packing service we mostly use, moving blankets, bubble wrappings, plastic wrapping sheets, and cardboard boxes.

Here are quick examples of how we pack your for intercity removals:

  • Packing A Pool Table: We pack the slates and legs with moving blankets, cushions and railings are packed with shrink plastic wrappings. All the loose parts are packed and secured in a ziploc bag. The felt is covered with a thick plastic wrap sheet and boxed.
  • Packing A Piano: Body is packed with furniture paddings and overcoats by moving blankets; we do not position the packing but straight up just hold on the dolly using buckle straps which make it easier to pull through the ramp. Legs are packed with moving blankets.
  • Packing General Items: General items like clothes, books, toys, etc. are packed in thick cardboard boxes of different sizes and shapes.
  • Packing Your Antiques: All the fragile antiques are packed with paper wrappings and secured in wooden crating and crystal crating.

    For commercial packing service, we mostly use cardboard boxes with pillow stuffing to protect the IT equipment from damaging. We separately pack all the sun items like keyboards, CPUs, etc. We do often use ziploc bags to secure all the cables.

  • Packing A PC: All the parts are first bubble-wrapped. Monitors are packed in thick cardboards with pillow stuffing, likewise a keyboard and a CPU. Wires and cables are bound with zip ties, wrapped in plastic sheets, and boxed. We also pack printers, fax machines, scanners, ACs, coffee machines, microwave, etc.
  • Packing Office Desks: The office desk is first disassembled into wooden working slate and legs then packed separately using moving blankets and positioned using a heavy-duty tape.

House & Commercial Cleaning With Intercity Relocation In Whangarei

Best Auckland Removals provide excellent residential and commercial cleaning service in Whangarei including both moves in and move out cleaning. Our intercity movers Whangarei clean the kitchen, bathroom, office toilet, living room, sitting or meeting halls, bedroom, cabin areas. Usually, we do the following tasks:

  • Vacuuming and washing the floors
  • Cleaning the attached mirror, dressing and frames
  • Wiping the workstations, baseboard, doorknobs and window ledges, glass doors
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the bathroom/toilets, chrome taps,
  • Dusting and wiping doorknobs, furniture fronts and cupboard interiors, appliances fronts, frames
  • Dusting the wall arts, baseboard, electronics, showpieces, antiques
  • Cleaning the sink, stovetop, window ledges, oven
  • Emptying trash cans

Secure Storage And Insurance Services In Whangarei

Storage is an important part of interstate moving companies. Usually when relocating long distance, both household individuals and professional hire storage services to protect their valuables. But now a day's people are frequently using a storage house for weeks and even months.

Intercity Removals In Whangarei

We at Best Auckland Removals Intercity Moving service provide you with a seamless moving journey by assisting you with the highly secured storage protections. When you hire our storage house, we assure your furniture is in safe hands. Our storage houses in Whangarei is controlled with:

  • Temperature controllers, fire alarms and burglar protection alarms
  • Real-time monitoring via SOTA (DVRs) and CCTVs
  • Door card locks and IDs are given to our store keepers.
  • Giant steel containers and lifting machines
  • Platform storage house to minimize handling

While we move and store your belongings with the utmost care, we cannot wait for the possibility of damage due to unforeseen accidents. We offer transit and storage insurance which covers your belongings from all the risks, like, scratching, denting, chipping, or cracking and breaking. We do not cover owners' packed items in our insurance.

If you find out any damage to your property you can claim for it within 48 hours. Our intercity removals experts Whangarei provide a rapid response to the same. You can claim by simply giving us a call or by mail. We will indemnify you with the real and truest amount of your belonging. To know more about our insurance policy you can contact us and book a free pre-move survey.

FAQs | Intercity Removals Whangarei

What is the need for a pre-move survey?

A pre-move survey is an essential part of moving. Through a pre-move survey, we inspect items and measure the size of items to get information about the packages needed along with human resources requirements and types of equipment needed to load and unload the items, including the size of the moving vehicle. Different houses have different kinds of furniture and items, so it is necessary to do a pre-move survey to keep any confusion and last moment hassle aside. A pre-move survey saves time and helps in an organized move.

What to do before a pre-move survey?

You will need to do a few things before the pre-move survey, which includes:

  • Purge all the items. Get rid of those items that are of no use and those you want to replace.
  • Keep aside those items that you're intended to carry with you while moving and keep another side those items that you want movers to move.
  • Categorize all the items.
  • Show all the items to movers for an accurate move.
  • Tell them about your particular needs and the critical area of concern

If you keep these points in mind, it will help movers a lot during the survey.

Why is insurance needed during the move?

Moving Companies have experienced intercity movers and packers who know their work and will ensure the safety of your item through good packing, safe moving, and providing resourced vehicles. But a move may have to go through a long route and bad roads, which increases the risk of damage to your precious belongings; that’s why you should get your items insured.

Also moving is already a costly process and also you don’t want to spend more on any uncertain thing. So by taking insurance, you will be free from any kind of extra cost. If any damage occurs to your item, you will not need to bear any loss.

Is there any person accompanying goods during transportation?

It depends on the situation. If required, one person from our moving team will accompany your packages to the destination. This person is called an escort, and he is vital during the move. As a packer who packed your items will accompany you to the destination point. This person will also help to ensure no mishap to the material during the entire transportation time.

Will you provide services at a cheap cost?

Yes, all the services provided by us are at the best possible price. We provide our best services at a budget-friendly cost so that anyone can afford that. Most people choose to move their house all by themself thinking about the high cost but don’t need to worry more about it. Here Best Auckland Removals will provide all the profounded moving services in your budget so that you will enjoy your move with a smile on your face and remind your move as the best one and not the costly one that has made a hole in your pocket. So choose what suits your needs better.

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