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Customized Cleaning Services for House and Office Removals

Cleaning Services in Auckland for House and Office Removals

So the last thing that makes us all feel extremely exhaustive and galling is cleaning the house when you are all set to move. We often have to clean our houses for the new residents or potential buyers before moving. If you are living in a rental house then it becomes necessary to clean the house before moving, to get your security deposit back. Your landlords are not in the mood to give you the security deposit seeing the condition of your apartment. When moving to a new house, you feel the same. It doesn’t matter whether the new house is cleaned or not, there remains a feeling of half-done or dissatisfaction until you yourself clean your new house.

So no matter how eager you are to complete your moving journey and close the chapter, you still have to clean your house which is something you cannot avert.

Keeping all this in the mind, we the Best Auckland Removals furniture moving and Cleaning Services Auckland offer you a complete moving package that involves professional packaging service, loading, and unloading, both with residential and commercial cleaning in Auckland. Our Cleaning Services Auckland is filled with skilled labor that is willing to provide its excellence.

Cleaning Services in Auckland

Professional cleaners in Auckland before and after Removals

So the question is what are the highlights of our cleaning service? What do we do when we say that we provide Move out and Move in Cleaning Services? Well, the answer is, we actually deep clean! Our cleaners in Auckland start by cleaning your house coming from back to the front. There are numerous cleaning supplies that we use for efficient and effective cleaning. This includes dusting cloths, hand gloves, vacuum cleaner, glass cleaner, scrubbers, broom, dustpan, cleaning brushes, mop, etc.

Our cleaners in Auckland do not happen to be using your cleaning equipment because apparently they all must have been packed and loaded, so you don’t have to worry about how you're going to arrange for the cleaning supplies as we bring our own. What are the areas that we clean? So there are many cleaning services auckland who are providing cleaning Auckland services but few are those who actually cleans and less who deep clean covering all the sections.

Sections that we clean: Kitchen, Living Area, Bedrooms, and Bathroom.

Pre Move Residential Cleaning Service includes

  • Dusting, vacuuming, and mopping the surface floor.
  • Dusting and Wiping Door Knobs, Ladders, wall attached cupboards interior and fronts, Mirror architecture,
  • Dusting and cleaning window sills, Taps, Light switches,
  • Scrubbing Washbasin, sink and wall tiles,
  • Wiping Kitchen counter, toilet, tile stains
  • Washing all the surfaces
  • Emptying trash cans

Post Move Residential Cleaning Service includes

  • Washing and mopping all the surfaces
  • Vacuuming Area rugs and Carpet
  • Dusting and wiping the Door Knobs, Cupboard, Closet’s front, inside and top,
  • Cleaning the attached mirror, dressing and frames
  • Dusting the antiques, showpieces, Wall arts, baseboard, electronics
  • Cleaning the stains from tiles
  • Polishing the furniture and chrome taps
  • Cleaning the toilet, shower, tub
  • Cleaning the stovetop, window ledges, Oven, sink,
  • Collecting waste and recycling
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Our commercial Cleaning Auckland Services

Office Cleaning services are the second most hired after residential cleaning service. Best Auckland Removals office moving and Cleaning Service offers the professionals and high standard cleaning service that helps you relocate your office freely, without any stress. While relocating Office, there already are a lot of things to do which if not done within time or ignored, can create a lot of trouble and even loss. Notifying your clients, partners, employees, updating your new address to so many important authorities, linking your old subscription to a new address, arranging meetings so that you can coordinate your move with all your co-workers, etc. The reason to opt for a professional cleaning service is that all these vital tasks consume a lot of time and effort and of course, you are not going to book a cleaning service separately for this. So the most practical option remains in your hand is to hire office movers who provide pre and post commercial cleaning Auckland service as well.

Sections that we clean: All Areas, Kitchen, and Toilet

Pre-Move Commercial Cleaning Service includes

  • Vacuuming and Washing the floors
  • Cleaning the Kitchen or Canteen Counters
  • Wiping the workstations, glass doors, baseboard, doorknobs and window ledges,
  • Cleaning the Sink and Sanitizing the Toilets
  • Polish the taps, mirror, chrome
  • Emptying the Waste

Post-Move Commercial Cleaning Services includes

  • Dusting and wiping doorknobs, Frames, furniture fronts and cupboard interiors, appliances fronts,
  • Cleaning the glass doors, sink, kitchen counter,
  • Wiping workstation, window ledges, and glasses, microwave’s inside and front,
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floor,
  • Cleaning the kitchen Tiles, Tap, sink
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing the Toilets, Chrome Taps,
  • Cleaning the Book/ Magazines shelves interior and exterior
  • Cleaning the lifts (if required)

Why hire our Cleaning Company in Auckland?

“One size never fits all” approach:

We have developed a tailored cleaning service according to your house or commercial premise. We customized our services on the basis of your architectural complexities, the number of segments and their sizes, type of tools to bring, etc. We proactively give cleaning solutions best fitting your budget.

Experienced Cleaners:

We are experienced movers and cleaners and have relocated 1500 plus houses. Our cleaners in Auckland have an experience of 5 years in the removals industry. Our cleaning team is of a high standard and provides excellent service experience. We use all the necessary cleaning equipment to deep clean your house or office. We understand that cleaning requires a specialized skill set which is hard to find in moving companies and so we have a handpicked team of cleaners who are trained and practiced.

Affordable when combined:

We charge affordable prices on an hourly basis. When you hire a separate cleaning service while relocating your house or office, you will have to pay charge exceptionally high rates because then you have to bear the cost of their fuel, manpower, profit and time. Whereas when you hire Best Auckland Removals moving and Cleaning service Auckland your cost cuts down because you are availing 2 services at the same time which goes for a discount. It’s almost like killing two birds with one stone. Cheaper and better.

Always Ready:

Even if it’s a last-minute move, or you want to move on the same day, we are 24*7 available. Just give us a call and we will plan things out. You can easily get our cheapest and prompt quotes. Our instant cleaning service Auckland is flexible, proficient, and easily available. If you want to relocate your office, we are available on weekdays as well.

Fantastic Removals Service

“ One word that fits best for them is “fantastic”. They are the best Auckland Removals near me. I am highly satisfied with their service and would recommend it to others as well. I moved my office last Saturday, I wasn’t sure about moving with them but highly recommended by one of my colleagues, I decided to pick them. To my surprise, they were the best packing professionals out there. My equipment was delivered safely without even a pinch of damage. The team members were very polite. Honestly, your service surpassed my expectations. A big thanks again!”

Auckland Movers Testimonial

John McCreath

Best Movers near me

“ I moved my Pool Table with Best Auckland Removals and I think they are the best movers near me. Plenty of reasons to say this, they disassembled my pool table like a pro. They packed my piano safely even when they were done packing I praised the guys for such wonderful packing. Their techniques were on point when they reassembled my pool table. They are the best and cheap movers Auckland. I would make sure to recommend it to all my friends for sure.”

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Gentle and Polite Movers

“ First of all, I would like to say a hearted thanks to Best Auckland Removals for the work well done. I moved to Christchurch with my husband and kids. When you move with your kids, it just doubles your stress. But with Best Auckland Removals I think the stress went away and became fun. My kids were in love with their team. The guys were so gentle and polite. And my husband is so impressed by their service that he personally called them and thanked them for their marvelous work. All my furniture moved safely and was delivered on time. Their packing materials are of high quality that none of my items got dented or scratched during the move. I am very satisfied after my relocation and would definitely recommend it to everyone.”

Packers and Movers Auckland Testimonial

Mr & Mrs. J Brown

Out of the world Packaging

“ Hello, guys am Hana. You moved my belongings last week from your storage as I have moved to my permanent house from the other rental one, I couldn’t control my urge to thank you for your excellent service. You exceeded my expectations and were the best decision I could take. All my stuff is being delivered without a single damage. Even my wine glasses are, as it is intact. My piano has no scratch while you unpacked it. I am so amazed! Your packing is just out of this world! Though my move was quite long, I didn’t want to miss out on thanking you for keeping on the communication throughout my journey. I am so very thankful to you. ”

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Moving experience became smooth

“ I want to thank the Best Auckland Removals who moved us to Tauranga yesterday. My moving experience was very smooth and stress-free, all credit goes to you guys. The team was on time, very friendly and cooperative with us. I love their politeness. My move was being done in a very budget and pocket friendly quote. They are the best and budget movers Auckland

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Kayden Rowe

Made my moving journey Effortless

“I have to start with a big thanks to the moving team who helped me relocate to Christchurch. No damage, no breakings, and crackings, what a move! I personally want to thank the cleaning team as well. My house is shining like a crystal. Your movers helped me settle down in the new apartment, and didn’t leave until it’s done! I have never seen such dedicated and amazing movers. My belongings reached without even a hint of damage. I loved it moving with Best Auckland Removals and would say they are worth it! At last thanking you for making this journey effortless for me.”

Best Auckland Removals & Movers

Angela Finn

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book your Move in Cleaning Services?

To avail of our move-in cleaning service, you simply need to add up while booking a moving service. Make sure to add all the customization when you book our services. We offer Kitchen, Bathroom, Living room, and Bedroom cleaning.

What are your cleaning rates?

Our cleaning rate depends on individual needs. Our experience has made us rely upon that we cannot set fixed cleaning rates. During a pre-move survey, we will get you the quote that will be specifically made for your house or office. The area to clean, lifestyle, space condition, time to be taken, clutter, presence of pet hair, etc. Book your free pre-move survey and get the quote.

What if something gets damaged while cleaning?

Best Auckland Removals Cleaning service professionals are ingrained with experience and we take utmost care while cleaning your home or office. But any of your items get damaged; you will be indemnified for the same. Our cleaning services are fully insured like our moving services.

What cleaning supplies do you use to clean offices?

We use the standard cleaning equipment like a duster, vacuum cleaning, mop, broom and dustpan, scrubber, all-purpose cleaner, sanitizers, brushes, wipers, wiping cloths, and cleaning papers.

How do you accept payment?

You can pay through, debit and credit card, through cheque and if nothing than direct bank transfers are also accepted. You can contact our office for any such query, we would love to sort.

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