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Office Movers & Relocation Auckland

Moving your office is way more complicated than moving a house because it involves a lot of pre-planning, focus, and coordination. Availing a moving service isn’t enough; you yourself have to perform so many tasks on your own. But to find right office moving companies in Auckland who supports your planning coordinates with you and guides you throughout your journey, from the beginning of date specification to the last item unwrapping is a bliss.

Affordable Office Movers in Auckland

We at Best Auckland Removals’ Office furniture movers Auckland understand this complicated and tough change and try to bring out moments of fun extracting from your stress. Our office relocation Auckland team understand how necessary it is for professionals to solely be focused on the completion of their pending project and of course not think about what wrapping will be best for their printers? So our moving company will be providing guidance throughout your journey, simplifying your move and basically competing to exceed your expectations.

The benefits of choosing our office removal Service-

  • No obligation quotation for a pre-move inspection
  • Commercial Deliveries or business to business deliveries
  • Trash Disposing
  • Move-in and Move out Cleaning Services
  • Professional movers and packers
  • 2 or 3 Men with Van or truck at lower rates
  • Office Moving guidance and checklist
  • Cheap Weekend Office Removals

Best Office Moving Company in Auckland- Key Steps for a Successful Office Move

Define the time of moving

Best Auckland Removals help suggest the businessmen prefer a moving date that creates the least amount of distraction and literally cuts your losses. Your office moving date should be influenced by-

  • You should advance or postpone any big project or any important meeting which is arranged or projected in the span of 1-2 weeks before moving.
  • Our office movers and packers service charges less on weekends. So you can plan your office move on the weekends without worrying about the cost of moving.
  • You can plan to move your office in the evening or night after the working hours.

Define the tasks

Juggling office work while moving is not easy. For this, you should plan your move-in tasks and try to coordinate with your managers about any project deadline in between your move. You can delegate authorities in a way that none of the employees would feel burned by the work and at the same time you can have a team who would do all your notifications, important calls, inventorying the new office needs and making a planned workflow that goes parallel to your move and doesn’t affect your profits.

Book the Moving Company

You can book with Best Removals Auckland and expect the finest moving experience. Book our pre-move survey absolutely obligation-free. In this pre-move survey, we will note all the important customization, special handling, size of the van needed, etc. In parallel, you will get a checklist of tasks that needs to be done before the moving day, a final quote free from hidden charges, and can clear your doubts and queries regarding the office movers Auckland. Services

Why Choose our office movers and packers without a doubt?

  • We are experienced furniture movers and have done more than 2000 office removals in Auckland.
  • Customer Satisfaction is always on top of our priorities. The customer reviews on the satisfaction they attained after hiring our office furniture movers Auckland service is the proof of our top quality service.
  • We help you guide throughout your move. Our office movers team provides you with the checklist of things you need to do before the moving day to ensure a trouble-free and hassle-free move.
  • We provide intercity office removals.
  • We ensure the safest transit and storage facility for our customers with a range of packing supplies and moving equipment that helps provide a secure and damage-free move.
  • We have a team of professional office packing experts who securely and accurately disassemble and pack the furniture with their specialized knowledge.
  • Our men with van or trucks are instantly available at your doorstep until you call. We provide from small vans to 8-tonne trucks. We are fast, reliable, and best office movers in Auckland.
  • Our moving company provides both transit and storage insurance.
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Best Auckland Removals Professional Moving and Packing Service

Disposing of the unwanted

There can be loads of unwanted papers and files that would be scattered around your desks which you want to get rid of. We will first start by collecting this waste; it can also be your old systems like the waste mouse, your old magazines, newspapers, dried up pens, old folded paper clips, filled up notepads, etc. We collect them in a box and help you get rid of them to ease your office relocation Auckland.

Packing Office electronics

Our office moving companies Auckland pack the electronics safely using thick cardboard boxes with pillow stuffing. These include computer systems, printers, fax machines, scanners, ACs, Coffee machines, Microwave, etc. Mouse, keyboards, monitors are first covered with furniture paddings separately then boxed. Office arts and antiques are moved in crates to ensure a damage-free removal. These are covered in moving papers and tape, after which we secure them in wooden crates for departure. The cables and wires are folded and positioned using Zip ties, secured in resealable mediums size poly bags and boxed.

Packing office furniture

While packing the office furniture we usually disassemble them first. Like removing legs and part away from the segments of the office desk. Chairs and bookshelves are also unscrewed if possible and all the parts especially wooden furniture parts are packed in moving blankets separately and secured with heavy-duty tapes or else in a wrapping sheet. Hall couch is packed in furniture paddings and secured. All the screws, nuts and bolts are secured in Ziploc bags.

Packing your personal items

Best Auckland Removals’ office movers Auckland pack your personal items like you and your employee’s frames, coffee mugs, showpieces, etc. only at your command. We do not count packing personal items on our list until you add up.

Our Commercial Removals and Cleaning Services in Auckland

Best Auckland Removals provide both move-out and move-in commercial cleaning services. We have a selective team of professional cleaners who cleans to the core. We do the dusting, vacuuming, washing, wiping, and sanitizing. We cover the kitchen counter area, cabins, meeting halls, and toilets. Our office movers Auckland office cleaning services include-Vacuuming the office floor and washing, Dusting the furniture, corners, drawers, and windows, Cleaning the Sink and Sanitizing the Toilet, Cleaning the Book/ Magazines shelves interior and exterior, etc.

Our Convenient and Secure Storage Facility in Auckland

Office relocations are not easy, before settling down in your new office with all your colleagues, you still need to ensure that the working environment is as before. And it often takes a little delay in managing all the technicalities. And when it’s intercity or interstate office relocation Auckland, it takes a little more time to reestablish proper connections with your clients and investors. Here a storage house is needed to secure your important items whilst everything becomes normal. Best Auckland Removals provide you with a short term and long term storage facility both on a rental basis, the only difference is short term storage is given on a weekly basis and the long term is on a monthly basis, likewise the rents.

Office Removals in Auckland

Both the long term and short term facilities are eligible for a storage insurance cover. Though our storage houses are extremely safe and temperature-controlled, which almost cuts down the risk of damage. Security measures-

  • Fire and burglar alerts
  • A temperature control system, ACs, and humidifiers
  • Ground built horizontal storage house for easy handling
  • Storekeepers and door card locks.
  • Computerized entry and exit

Office Furniture Storage and Transit Insurance

You will get indemnified for your damage or loss while in transit and in storage. If your office essentials get damaged due to vibration, or any unavoidable accident, you will get insured for the same. Likewise, if your belongings get damaged in the storehouse while lifting or due to any unavoidable accidents like fire or due to extremely high or low temperatures, you will be insured for the same.

You can claim anytime between 48 hours of relocation if your belongings turn out to be damaged while packing or unpacking, disassembling or reassembling and while moving out or moving in due to ill-treatment.

Fantastic Removals Service

“ One word that fits best for them is “fantastic”. They are the best Auckland Removals near me. I am highly satisfied with their service and would recommend it to others as well. I moved my office last Saturday, I wasn’t sure about moving with them but highly recommended by one of my colleagues, I decided to pick them. To my surprise, they were the best packing professionals out there. My equipment was delivered safely without even a pinch of damage. The team members were very polite. Honestly, your service surpassed my expectations. A big thanks again!”

Auckland Movers Testimonial

John McCreath

Best Movers near me

“ I moved my Pool Table with Best Auckland Removals and I think they are the best movers near me. Plenty of reasons to say this, they disassembled my pool table like a pro. They packed my piano safely even when they were done packing I praised the guys for such wonderful packing. Their techniques were on point when they reassembled my pool table. They are the best and cheap movers Auckland. I would make sure to recommend it to all my friends for sure.”

Moving Companies Auckland Testimonial


Gentle and Polite Movers

“ First of all, I would like to say a hearted thanks to Best Auckland Removals for the work well done. I moved to Christchurch with my husband and kids. When you move with your kids, it just doubles your stress. But with Best Auckland Removals I think the stress went away and became fun. My kids were in love with their team. The guys were so gentle and polite. And my husband is so impressed by their service that he personally called them and thanked them for their marvelous work. All my furniture moved safely and was delivered on time. Their packing materials are of high quality that none of my items got dented or scratched during the move. I am very satisfied after my relocation and would definitely recommend it to everyone.”

Packers and Movers Auckland Testimonial

Mr & Mrs. J Brown

Out of the world Packaging

“ Hello, guys am Hana. You moved my belongings last week from your storage as I have moved to my permanent house from the other rental one, I couldn’t control my urge to thank you for your excellent service. You exceeded my expectations and were the best decision I could take. All my stuff is being delivered without a single damage. Even my wine glasses are, as it is intact. My piano has no scratch while you unpacked it. I am so amazed! Your packing is just out of this world! Though my move was quite long, I didn’t want to miss out on thanking you for keeping on the communication throughout my journey. I am so very thankful to you. ”

Auckland Removals Companies


Moving experience became smooth

“ I want to thank the Best Auckland Removals who moved us to Tauranga yesterday. My moving experience was very smooth and stress-free, all credit goes to you guys. The team was on time, very friendly and cooperative with us. I love their politeness. My move was being done in a very budget and pocket friendly quote. They are the best and budget movers Auckland

Cheap Movers Auckland

Kayden Rowe

Made my moving journey Effortless

“I have to start with a big thanks to the moving team who helped me relocate to Christchurch. No damage, no breakings, and crackings, what a move! I personally want to thank the cleaning team as well. My house is shining like a crystal. Your movers helped me settle down in the new apartment, and didn’t leave until it’s done! I have never seen such dedicated and amazing movers. My belongings reached without even a hint of damage. I loved it moving with Best Auckland Removals and would say they are worth it! At last thanking you for making this journey effortless for me.”

Best Auckland Removals & Movers

Angela Finn

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you move IT equipment?

Yes, we move office equipment, from your PCs and Laptops to cables and wires, we move every IT. Our men are trained in office relocations and they will reinstall as well.

What packaging do you use to cover printers and scanners?

We pack the electronics securely using thick cardboard boxes and pillow stuff for protection against vibrations. These include computer systems, printers, fax machines, scanners, ACs, Coffee machines, Microwave, etc. Mouse, keyboards, monitors are first covered with furniture paddings separately then boxed.

Do you relocate to the office during weekends?

Yes, we relocate offices on weekends and after working hours. Whichever time suits you best just make sure to give us a notice as soon as possible if you have a date in your mind.

What are the security measures for my office furniture storage?

Best Auckland Removals Office storage house is secured by high alert systems, we use fire and burglar alarms, store in protective containers, use state of the art DVRs, door card locks, and computerized records of storekeepers entering and exiting.

Do you dismantle office furniture?

Yes, if possible Our office movers team will dismantle the desk and shelves and reassemble them when reached the destination

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