Moving to a new place is always exciting, isn’t it? But one thing is sure it requires lots of effort and time in proper planning, packing, loading, and unpacking the belongings. But despite our best intentions, sometimes circumstances lead to last-minute moves. While the prospect of moving on short notice may seem daunting, with the right approach and some strategic planning, you can navigate the process smoothly and efficiently. 

So to instruct you to handle the last-minute move Best Auckland Removals has made a list of last minute moving tips. In this blog, our movers in Auckland will provide you with a last minute moving checklist and share valuable tips and hacks to help you tackle a short notice move like a pro.

Smart Last Minute Moving Tips To Follow

Here are some best tips for a last minute move that will help you stay organized throughout the process:

1. Prioritize Essentials

During a last-minute move, directing your focus toward essential items is important. These include crucial documents, toiletries, a change of clothes, and chargers. Having these items within immediate reach ensures a seamless transition as you settle into your new space. Being well-prepared with these essentials safeguards against potential disruptions and contributes to a smoother moving experience.

2. Get Rid Of The Things You Don’t Need

For the short notice removal, you must take the opportunity to streamline your belongings by decluttering. This is one of the best tips for a last minute move, as it involves parting ways with items you no longer require. Donating or discarding such belongings not only lightens your load but also accelerates the packing process and reduces the moving cost. This intentional approach allows you to prioritize what truly matters and eases the transition to your new home.

3. Gather Supplies

Efficiency during a last-minute move hinges on being well-equipped. So, you need to collect necessary supplies like boxes, packing tape, sheets, moving cushions, and bubble wrap. With the right tools at your disposal, you minimize potential delays and ensure a smoother packing process. Preparedness allows you to tackle the challenges of packing and moving at the last minute.

4. Pack Room By Room

Opting for packing room-by-room last minute moving tips will allow you to follow a methodical approach that significantly eases the stress of a last-minute move. By tackling one room at a time, you maintain organization and prevent chaos from any mishaps. This approach facilitates effective packing and unpacking, as you know exactly where each item belongs in your new space.

5. Use The “Four-Box” Method

Efficient sorting is achieved through the “Four-Box” Method, a systematic strategy that designates four boxes for each room: Pack, Donate, Trash, and Keep. This is one of the essential tips for a last minute move approach that streamlines decision-making and hastens the packing process. You swiftly categorize belongings and make informed choices about their destiny, contributing to a more efficient move.

6. Pack Similar Items Together

You must enhance the speed of your last-minute move by grouping similar items before packing. This technique for last minute moves minimizes the time spent searching for specific items later on. As a result, the packing and unpacking will be optimized as belongings with shared purposes are collected together.

7. Leave Drawers Intact

When dealing with lighter furniture, you may consider keeping drawers in place. You can use plastic wrap to secure them, preventing unintended openings while in transit. This last minute moving tips not only conserve time but also guarantee that drawer contents stay set hence lessening the necessity for additional packing supplies.

8. Use Trash Bags, Suitcases, And Boxes

A variety of containers proves valuable during a last-minute move. So, you must utilize trash bags for soft items, suitcases for clothing, and boxes for safeguarding fragile belongings. This diverse approach maximizes available resources and adapts to various items that will reduce last-minute moving costs and keep your items safe during the move.

9. Stay Calm

Amid the urgency of a last-minute move, maintaining a calm mindset is essential. Many individuals tend to panic in such situations. However, staying calm authorizes you to make sensible decisions, alleviates stress, and bolsters your capacity to effectively handle unforeseen obstacles with a clear perspective. By following this last minute moving tip, you can ensure that your well-being will not be affected.

10. Enlist Help

Seeking help from friends or family is essential during a last-minute move. You ca also hire professional last minute movers to lessen your load. So, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance, as extra hands will make the packing process smoother and more efficient. Collaborative efforts not only ease the tasks at hand but also offer a sense of emotional support during what can be an overwhelming period. In addition, sharing the load lightens the burden and fosters a supportive atmosphere, making the last-minute move feel less daunting. So, remember, the combined effort of loved ones can transform the experience into a collective journey towards successfully completing the move.


By adopting these last minute moving tips, you can handle the challenges of an emergency move with confidence and success. A combination of thoughtful organization, resourcefulness, and a calm approach transforms a seemingly rushed situation of last minute moving into a well-executed relocation.

The excitement and thrill of moving day should motivate you, whether it’s a last-minute move or not! Considering the option of hiring professional assistance from Best Auckland Removals ensures that your excitement remains undisturbed. Our team of experienced removalists has been offering last minute removals in Auckland for the last several years. You can also take advantage of hiring the best moving company in Auckland, NZ, by calling us at 098896066. In addition, we also offer the option to contact us through mail at


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