It’s difficult to say goodbye to your loving friend and family, and it’s even more tough to select the best farewell gifts for a friend who is moving. The perfect farewell gift is one that demonstrates your concern while also providing something for the individual leaving to recall their time at their previous residence (and to help them through bouts of homesickness ). 

Don’t feel obligated to spend your money, but look for an inspirational and helpful gift. Friendship is exceptionally essential. If you have a buddy moving away, there is even more reason to rejoice in your friendship.

Giving your friend a fantastic farewell gift is a beautiful way to demonstrate that your friendship will endure. They’ll probably be nervous, not knowing what the future holds, and your gift could be just what they need to get through it.

Ideas For Best Gifts For A Friend Who Is Moving

There are countless ways to choose the best gifts for a friend who is moving to their house or workplace. It can be some valuable things like:

  • A helpful travel essential kit for easy moving
  • Something nostalgic to remind them of home
  • You can be a helping hand in the removals journey and many more

Do you require assistance with brainstorming? Amongst many other things, of course! We are here to help you. Best Auckland Removals will help your near and dear ones to move their home as well as will help you to suggest the best farewell gift ideas for friends and family who are moving! So, here are the best ones that you can gift: 

1. Homesick Candles 

Certain scents will always transport you back to your childhood. Homesick Candles‘ smell will send your pal away.

The candles are composed of soy wax and have cotton wicks to maintain a constant burn. Here are some of the popular brands for homesick candles; you can buy any of them according to your friends’ or relatives’ choice of fragrance.

  • Texas: Dark leather, fresh pine, and lemon.
  • Illinois: Honeysuckle, lavender, white flower, and violets.
  • Colorado: Spruce, cedar, sandalwood, amber, and cinnamon.
  • NorCal: Pears, apples, cloves, cinnamon, and vanilla.
  • New York: Apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin

2. Bond Touch Long Distance Friendship Bracelets

Wouldn’t it be good to text your friend to let them know you’re thinking of them? You can accomplish just that with Bond Touch’s Vibrating Bracelets!

Touching your bracelet will force your friend’s bracelet to vibrate and light up, whether you’re in class, at a meeting, or merely in a hurry.

The smartphone application maintains track of all the touches given and received if you or your friend miss a notification. You can also communicate via the app, which keeps your messages distinct from the rest of your communications.

3. Long Distance Lamps 

With Long Distance Lamps, you can let your friend know they’re on your mind. They communicate via wifi receivers and touch sensors, so if you tap your lamp, it will light up your friend’s lamp, no matter where they are on the globe!

What’s more amazing is that you may choose from 17 different colors for your lamp’s illumination. You can also have your friend’s lamp light up in any color you choose, which may be a fun way to give each color a different meaning.

  • “I miss you” may be indicated by green.
  • “I made it home safely” in blue, and
  • Yellow “Are you free to chat?”

4. Hand Embedded Pillows 

You can gift Hand Embroidered State Pillows for a personalized throw pillow that your buddy will enjoy. On a 19″ x 19″ cotton throw pillow with black velvet piping and comfortable polyfill, words, and images from across your home state are hand embroidered. Send your buddy off with a striking piece that will light up their new space while also being a poignant reminder of their origins.

5. New Duvet Set

It’s a catch-22 situation! Even for a year, we knew your friends would not overspend on items like towels and bedding. But having excellent towels and bedding, on the other hand, will help them feel more at ease and settled wherever they live.

If you have a buddy who is moving from one state to another or has recently relocated abroad, search for some cool duvet sets for them to enjoy, even if it is only for a short time. It’s likely that if they relocate, they’ll have to be left behind, so don’t overspend!

6. Personalized Photo Frame 

A lightweight photo hanger for displaying photos throughout the house will be a great memorable farewell gift for your friends and family who are moving. Fill a photo frame with photographs of your friends or family and you together.

Include photos from amazing vacations, parties, or fun times. So, whenever they feel homesick, they can flip through the album and get those warm, fuzzy feelings all over again.


By no means are going away gifts required, but everyone likes receiving something nice that shows how much they’ll be missed. When all else fails, show your support for their move—and even help them pack!—is usually enough to send them off on the right foot. You can also help them to find the best house movers so that they can be provided with the extra helping hands of professional movers.

If you want to go above and beyond, consider one of the gift ideas suggested above and say goodbye in a way they’ll never forget. And that’s the Best Removals Auckland moving gift guide! Happy shopping for your friends and family who are moving! 

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