College is one of the best times of anyone’s lifetime. None wants to ruin it at any cost. Moving as a college student gets pretty tough because you have to manage everything at once.

No matter if you are moving to college for the first time or you are moving to a new place from college, everything needs to be well organized. Also, in case you are moving back home from college, the case becomes a much tougher cause; in that case, you move with every single piece of your belongings.

With full planning and smart preparations, relocating becomes easy, either when you are moving in or moving out. A college student has to manage all the things at the same time, studies, and plans for the move; there is no way they can afford to take more stress.

To solve the moving problems of especially the college students, we have shared a few tips and tricks for you all. We hope these tips will help you more during the preparations for moving. So, here you go on the ride of the smoother move ever.

10 Essential Moving Tips For College Students

1. Making A List Is Mandatory

The point you start thinking about a move, the process of being into the loop starts. So, it is better if you make a list. It is one such habit that can save you from further blunders.

Make a list of all of your belongings. Mention each name with the size and shape also. Make sections based on which is valuable and which one is heavyweight.

By doing this, you can later keep a check on all the goods, and there will be fewer chances of missing anything. Get a list of all the items which will be necessary for you if you are joining the college for the first time.

Also, check the college prospectus to understand the essential items and documents as per your selected field.

2. Select A Correct Sized Storage Unit

The storage unit you are going to rent is very important. The space should be according to the number of goods you own. Make sure it has enough space to hold all your big or small belongings.

Hope you do not waste your hard-earned money by renting a big space for no use. Choose the correct size for your move.

3. Pack All Of The Books Properly

A college student needs to carry all the books wherever they move. Get some thick-sized cardboard boxes for the safety of books. You must keep all the books horizontally in the boxes. Cover them with bubble wrap before storing them in the boxes.

If you keep the books vertically inside the box, then it can damage the binding of the papers. Books are an essential part of any student’s life. Keep your books in good condition in any case.

4. Wash Clothes Before Packing

If you are going to pack your clothes for the move, then you must wash your clothes. Do it before packing them. Iron all the clothes and keep them in a separate section, like jeans on each other, shirts and jackets in a separate section.

This is how it will be easy for you to find them later. Washing is important for removing all the dirt and dust from the clothes.

5. Label All The Boxes After Packaging

Any move is incomplete without boxes. When you are done moving to a place, there you will end up with a stack of many hugely big or small boxes. When you find yourself standing in front of all those boxes, there will be no choice left.

So, the smart decision would be to label all the boxes. All you have to do is, paste a patch of paper with the name of the item kept inside the box. You can get these already labeled papers from any marketplace.

Many rental carriers sell these patches. You can also purchase them from online marketplaces. Also, you should buy some different colored markers to write the names attractively. Organize the colors in such a way in which that identification becomes easy. 

It is very important to put your goods in a well-labeled box so that you can find anything at any time.

6. Donate What You Do Not Need

There may be a lot of things that you do not need later. So, as a college student, apart from all the books, clothing, essentials, and daily necessities, there would still be many things that are of no use in the future.

You may find them useless, but they all can be important for someone else. Well! They say someone’s trash can be another person’s treasure. Donate all of the extra items in your cupboard. You can donate them to any orphanage or non-governmental organization.

You can also give them to any junior at your college. For example, if you have any books which you do not need anymore or you have finished reading them, it would be best to give them to any junior. It will also save you time during your college days.

7. Get All Information About Your New Space

You should get to know about your new place for the clarity of what to take with you there and what not. Get the information about the place where you are going to move. Especially for college students, you have to be extra aware of the new location.

If you want to get comfortable in the new place as soon as possible, then you must know about it. Also, do not forget to check the availability of storage options before moving.

Check whether all the electric sockets are working or not. If you are planning to take electronic gadgets with you, then get the assurance of electricity availability in the new place. 

8. Check How Far Is Room From The College

If you are moving during your college days, then it is significant to check the distance of the room from the college. It matters more when you will have regular college.

It will be difficult for you to reach if the room is at a very large distance from the college. There is a possibility that if the room is far, then you have to bring a bike, scooter or car to reach safely and on time. 

9. Pack Essentials In A Separate Easy To Carry Bag

There are some important essentials which you can’t put under any other thing, because you may need them on a daily basis. Those items can be like, 

  • Bathing essentials like towels, soaps, shampoo, etc, 
  • Laundry bags, baskets, and buckets.
  • Pillows and quilts.
  • Study lamp and it’s a charger if it works on electricity.
  • Mirror, in case the room doesn’t have one.
  • Essential extension cords.
  • Water bottles and mugs or any other important utensils.
  • Nails and wall adhesives for pasting anything on the wall.
  • Pictures, posters, or any other personally valuable item to feel at home.
  • College Id card, wallet, insurance-related documents, files, and assignments.

All these above-mentioned important items need to be kept in a separate, easy-to-carry bag. Always keep them item handy so that you can pick them out anytime during or even after the move.

10. Take Help From Anyone To Assist You

Moving as a college student means a lot of stuff that you need to manage alone, and this is going to be very stressful. Balancing the preparations for moving and the ongoing classes is very tough.

You may even miss out on your studies during this. So, it is better to take help from someone who can give a hand in this process. It can be your friend, family member, or any junior/ senior.

Ask them to join you so that it will be easier for you to manage. You can also hire any professional removalists under your budget.

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