One of the biggest pains of moving is figuring out how to pack clothes for a move from one location to a new destination.

Clothes are the last things we pack up when relocating, but they need the most care. The main matters in moving clothes are, of course, how to prepare your garments without getting creases, how to make sure they stay uncluttered, and how to keep your clothes arranged when relocating house.

While they are not considered fragile, they can be damaged (tears, specks of dirt, and tears) if not packed and handled correctly. There is also the problem of unpacking them once you reach the new destination, which can be smoother if you have an appropriate plan and take the time to pack clothes the right way. This can be a big problem for some people. 

But there are many methods to pack your garments if you are ready to make an effort. Here are some guides and advice that will assist you in making sure that your apparel packing performance will be smooth during the relocation process.

9 Smart Tricks To Pack Clothes For A Move

Follow these packing tips for clothes to make the process much more efficient all the way around.

1. Prepare Your Clothes For Moving

If you have appropriate packing knowledge, it will help you avoid stress. You should always do one thing: wash all your clothes before packing.

Then you place them in order of what to pack first, but we recommend you start with party clothes and non-seasonal garments. To keep things easy, pack the clothes you use the least first.

Otherwise, you need to do all this before the relocation process. For example, if you’re moving in the summer, you probably won’t need those scarves and coats.

2. Clean Your Wardrobes

The foremost step of packing is to separate those clothes which are no longer in use. Because this is the best time to cleanse those items. So, separate those clothes from your closet and clean your wardrobe from this declutter.

Nobody wants to see any messy cupboards while preparing for any move. You should take this as a chance to clean all the places properly. By this, you can also understand which one is your important piece of clothing and which of them is useless.

If you want to clear your wardrobe from this mess, then take a look at this blog which will help you to guide in removing debris from your wardrobe. 

3. Sort Out Your Clothes

Once you understand what you are keeping with you, it is time to sort it out. The first things you should pack are anything seasonal.

For example, pack up your winter garments if you are relocating during the summer. This will make the packing and unpacking operations much more efficient.

4. Place Side Essentials Things

All you need is your outfit after you have packed everything before your move. As we know, clothing should be one of the last things you pack, so place them aside and put them in a separate box.

And always keep in mind to clearly label the box or suitcase so that you know to keep it different from the rest.

Also, there would be some sort of clothes which you will wear after reaching the new place, so it is better if you keep these clothes in a separate box. Make sure it is well labeled so that you can find it easily. 

5. Use IKEA Bags, Vacuum Bags, Or Garbage Bags 

Other budget-friendly options for packing clothes for moving are IKEA bags, garbage bags, and vacuum bags. If you want to be budget-friendly, you should use IKEA bags and vacuum bags to pack your clothes.

IKEA, with the zipper closure, is ideal for wrapping your clothes while still on hangers. Fit as many as you can, and then zip up the backpack.

Now your clothes are covered and ready to be transferred. These types of bags are designed to keep your clothes safe and also it is good for keeping your clothes away from moisture and water.

6. Pack Expensive And Delicate Clothes Safely

There would definitely be many expensive and delicate clothes in your wardrobe. These clothes are very important to be kept in safe packaging. While packing all the items, make sure that you pack the valuable clothes in differently labeled boxes.

Also, wrap all the clothes properly without leaving any gaps. Pack shoes in a separate box from the clothes. Do not mix both of them in one box; it will damage your clothes badly.

7. Organize Clothes Smartly

Packing clothes is a very time taking process, and you need to do it smartly. If you keep all the clothes without any proper way, then this will create a fuss during the move.

There is a smart way to pack clothes, and it is called the bundle method. You can make bundles of your clothes before keeping them in the boxes. This is a smart way to lighten the weight of the boxes.

If you keep one cloth on the other like usual, then it will make the box heavier to carry. So, if you organize your clothes in bundles and then keep them in boxes, it will be easier for you to lift them for moving.

8. Pick Small Boxes Than The Bigger Ones

Big boxes take up more space, and if you put all the clothes in one box, then it will be difficult to move them from one place to another. This step can make your move tough.

Therefore, we suggest you choose a number of small boxes rather than a big one. You can use different types of bags to keep your clothes smart and safe.

9. Utilize Every Space

When you are in the process of moving to a new place, then it is a must for you to use the space as much as you can to reduce your load. Look for the vacant space in the furniture and boxes.

You need to utilize that space to save your money by not buying more boxes. You can use space like furniture drawers and extra space bags.


In conclusion, when it comes to pack clothes for a move during a relocation, careful planning and organization are key. By taking the time to prepare your clothes, declutter your wardrobe, and pack strategically, you can ensure a smoother and more efficient moving process. Remember to prioritize essential items and label them clearly for easy access. Utilizing appropriate packaging materials and smart packing techniques will help protect your clothes and make unpacking a breeze. By following these guidelines and making the most of available space, you can successfully navigate the challenge of moving your clothes and arriving at your new destination with your wardrobe intact.

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