Relocation is not only about your plans and efforts for the move that gives you good results, but there is also one more important thing that can affect your move, and that is different types of weather conditions.

All your decisions have a wide impact on your moving day. It can make or break your many weeks of preparations. So, you have to be very attentive while choosing a specific date for your house or commercial relocation.

Every season has a different way of affecting your move. Each season has its difficulties and specialties at the same time. You have to plan accordingly and also need to be well aware of the fact that each season comes with its pros and cons.

The planning of the move should be very flexible to avoid any damage, and your move can be stress-free. For all the preparations, your vision should be clear about gaining helpful information about the requirement of each season as per a move.

To make you more clear on the topic, we, Best Auckland Removals, have purposely mentioned the pros and cons of moving in different weather conditions. So, keep reading!

Pros And Cons Of Moving In Different Weather Conditions

Moving In The Spring Season (Early March- End April)

It is commonly called the season of winds, and everything is beautiful all around. You can smell the fragrance of beautiful flowers and feel the soft breeze in your surroundings.

But what about moving in this season? Well! You have to understand the pros and cons of it. We’ll make it clear to you why you should consider this season and why not. 

1. Pros Of Moving In the Spring Season 

The weather will be pleasant and beautiful everywhere, and because of that friendly environment, it will be easy for you to move. Also, this season arrives before summer, and this is one of the plus points.

This season is also not that much at the peak for moving, so you can get the bookings done without any issues. This weather will not create a bug in your move, as it is either not too hot or too cold. You can plan your move with comfort in this weather condition.

2. Cons Of Moving In the Spring Season

One of the most important to learn cons of moving in spring is unpredictable climate conditions. It’s like a few hours will be full of sunshine or rays, and other hours can be a downpouring or chilly breeze.

So, you cannot predict the weather. This is why you should follow the weather forecast for next week, which includes your moving day. Prepare for both environmental conditions. Being extra aware of the weather is the only.

Moving During The Hot Summer Season (Early May- End August)

This is called many people’s favorite summer season. Enjoying ice cream with different fusion drinks is the beauty of this season. Sun is up, and vitamin D showers are high these days. Now, let’s learn the pros and cons of considering this summer season for moving:

1. Pros Of Moving In the Summer Season 

Summer is one of the best seasons to move if you have children. Since these months coincide with summer breaks, you don’t have to worry about disrupting their studies. You can choose any dates for your move without considering their school schedule.

It is a popular season for moving, which means there is usually a high demand for housing. If you’re selling your old home, you’re more likely to find interested buyers quickly, potentially making the selling process easier for you.

2. Cons Of Moving In the Summers Season

As we already mentioned that this is the peak time of the year, and this season is very pricey also. All the cost of your move depends on the distance, and the expense also increases if the distance is super long.

As most of the time, professional moving companies are already booked during this season; it will be difficult for you to get their appointments of them.

The high temperature will definitely affect the transportation of your belongings. Every time during the summer season, you will be required to drink water or to serve equally to the workforce.

Also, you have to make several arrangements to keep your goods safe at this high temperature. These things add up to your points and the responsibilities of the move.

Moving During The Rainy Season (August- September)

Raindrops all over the floor are the key to the rainy season. On the one hand, there is flowing water in every lane, and on the other hand, it also brings a lot of chaos when moving to a new place.

The rainy season is joyous when you are at home, but at the same time, it becomes a hassle if you are planning to move to a new home. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of moving in the rainy season.

1. Pros Of Moving In The Rainy Season

The demand for moving services tends to be lower during the rainy season, which means that moving companies may have more availability and offer lower rates. This can be beneficial if you’re looking to save money or have more flexibility in choosing your moving date.

Also, moving in scorching summer temperatures can be physically demanding and may increase the risk of heat-related problems like dehydration or exhaustion. In the rainy season, the weather tends to be cooler, making the physical aspect of moving more comfortable.

2. Cons Of Moving In The Rainy Season

Rainstorm! Thundering! Lightning! Bad weather! All these things are usually in the rainy season. Rain floods are the main blockage of any task.

If the temperature is always moist, and there is stagnant water everywhere, then it gives rise to many harmful germs and microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, or viruses. All of these cause certain diseases.

Bad weather can destroy the transportation of goods. You will need extra packaging supplies to cover the goods properly for the safe and successful move to the new house.

Moving During The Winter Season (Mid-November- End February)

Season of cold winds and freezing weather. This season is all about low temperatures. Your plans for moving in this season get affected by excessive cold weather.

Your thoughts of moving can also get drift during this season. But, as with other seasons, this one also has Pros and cons. Here you go!

1. Pros Of Moving In The Winters

If you plan your move in the winter, then it would cost you much less than the other seasons. This one is comparatively low in price if you move to a new place.

You will get a moving company’s booking easily because people mostly do not move during this season due to their kids studying in school.

You will surely get any moving company available during this season. Also, they do not charge much because of having actively less work. As there would be very few client dealings, then they would give you full attention and would take your case very seriously. 

2. Cons Of Moving In The Winters

As the temperature is very low and cold during winter, it will be a tough task for you to move. If you live in a place where it is freezing cold and snowy all the time, then you should take this bit seriously; in this case, your moving will be specifically difficult.

Slippery areas would be much harder even to walk in, so how will you manage to take your goods from one place to another? Also, it will become uneasy to drive a car; there is always a risk of the vehicle skidding.

You need to make sure about taking extra care and precautions to keep the materials safe in such cold weather.


In conclusion, when it comes to relocation, weather conditions play a crucial role in determining the success and smoothness of your move. Each season has its advantages and challenges that you need to consider when planning your move.

Regardless of the season you choose, flexibility and careful planning are key to a successful and stress-free move. Consider the pros and cons of each season, stay updated on weather forecasts, and take necessary measures to ensure the safety of your belongings throughout the relocation process.

Apart from all this, if you plan to move for any of the above reasons, then you need not worry about anything at all. We, Best Auckland Removals, are always ready to assist our clients in any season or weather conditions.

You can reach out to us anytime, and we assure you to give you the best surreal experience of smooth and safe moving. Our house movers in Auckland are trained and has experience operating in all seasons. Your bond with us during the move will be an excellent time of your life.

Our services are well designed as per the requirements of each season. Hope you reach out to us and give us the opportunity to work for you.

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