The cheaper house or office removals in Auckland, we always say that packaging can change the game, whether it can increase your expenses or give you a chance to save some money during the move.

You cannot skip it because it is necessary for the safety of your goods. Therefore, you must look for some sorted ways to understand the correct and cheap relocation process.

With the help of effective and cost-saving tips, you can save a lot of bucks while packing. All you have to do is arrange all the packing material at low prices. It should be your target point during the move.

There are many ways where you can pack safely at a cheap cost. To help you with this, we have pointed out some good tips to save your money and pack your items most affordably. You can read all of them thoroughly and take help from this. So, here you go.

7 Smart Packing Tips To Save Money

1. Use Boxes & Containers You Already In Your House

You know that there will be a need for enough packing material for the relocation. You will move into a new home, where you have to start by setting up everything perfectly in particular parts of the house.

It is not mandatory to keep all the things in a cardboard box only; in fact, you can use containers in your home. Go to your kitchen and see if there are any containers or carry boxes available.

Use it now as a packing box to keep your goods in it. This is going to be a smart decision of yours. You can use different types of things available at your home in any way, like:

  • Use backpacks, travel bags or suitcases, jute/ fabric/cotton bags, and government-approved plastic bags.
  • Kitchen baskets and daily use hampers.
  • Storage containers made of plastics.
  • Bathroom buckets and carry bins.
  • Liquor boxes and crates.

Pack as much as you can in these containers; it will help you save money in buying more cardboard boxes. This packing tip is your savior in processing a new step in the plan of relocating cheaply.

2. Try To Arrange Free Boxes For Packaging

Nobody hates any free material, especially when it comes to lowering the price of an expensive move. If you have decided to pack all things on your own, the initial task is to arrange enough packaging material from somewhere.

Packaging materials are costly in the market, and you need to push yourself a bit harder to get all the material at a low price. There are many ways to get this; some of them are mentioned below.

  • Ask Your Neighbours & Friends: The best way to get free packaging material is by asking your acquaintances. Ask everyone you know, like your friends and family members. Inquire whether they have any extra and unneeded packaging supplies like wraps, tapes, or boxes. Maybe they have any material left from their previous move.
  • Search Online Marketplaces: There are many online marketplaces available nowadays that offer free packaging. These places have many options to buy packing material at a low cost. Also, check if someone is willing to give their moving boxes.
  • Get From Departmental Stores: Do not forget to search for free packaging supplies in the nearby retail and departmental stores. Most of the time, when they receive any box from the shipment, they keep it in the store safely. Ask them to give it to you. 
  • Ask Caretakers Of Your Office: Office store rooms always have some extra big or small boxes which they receive as a parcel. They do not even reuse it. Take permission from the office heads and get the free boxes.

The above examples are ways you can use to pack cheaply for relocation. You can get bubble wraps and seal tapes for free also; you can get foam sheets and big or small cardboard boxes.

But make sure you examine all of them before taking anything to your house. Do not compromise on quality standards. Mostly, pre-used material is not in good condition for the safety of your belongings.

3. Use Drawers Of The Big Furniture

A competent mover is someone who uses everything to save money. There are big pieces of furniture that have compartments to store small objects inside.

Furniture drawers are well designed in this way only, and you can keep any small stuff in it safely. By this, you will not be bothered to buy any more boxes.

When you start packing for the relocation, you can keep any non-fragile items in the furniture drawers. Any unbreakable items, like towels, clothes, papers, cards, etc., can be easily marked inside the compartments.

This significant step will save you extra effort and time when packing for the relocation. Now, the important thing is to disassemble the furniture before storing them; otherwise, the furniture will become hugely heavy while carrying it, and difficult for anyone to lift or hold them.

4. Use Garbage Bags

A brilliant way to lessen your packing expenditure is by also packing a few items in garbage bags. Keep any fabric items like clothes, pillows, cushion covers, and foams inside the garbage bags. By this, it can be securely relocated from one place to the other.

Use any trash bag which is not easy to tear or break. That is why you should put clothing items in those bags. Garbage bags are very cheap, and they are also readily available. It is very price efficient. By using these bags, you can save enough money.

5. Use Reusable Packaging Materials

If you are moving to interstate or anywhere nearby, there will be multiple visits again and again. If this is your situation, you can also reuse the packaging material.

Be smart and use various packaging supplies again. Transportation will become easy if you pack the remaining things in the same boxes you used earlier to the new house.

This tip will save a lot of bucks in the relocation. Reusing items is proof of your educated self. It is an intelligent way of dealing with expenses and affordability.

6. Pack Your Good By Yourself

When you hire any professional moving company in Auckland, they charge you a lot for obvious reasons. So, if you want to save money on the packaging, it is better to pack all the things by yourself. You can take help from anyone, like your friends or family members.

It will not be easy to do, and you will be required to invest plenty of your time, but you can save a good amount of money. So, take some time from work, and sit at home to complete the packing. Divide your work into several steps, like at first, and you have to start packing from small and valuable objects. Do not leave it for tomorrow. Spend some hours out of the 24 hours every day.

You must complete packing all the goods at least a week before the final moving day. If you do all the packing by yourself, it will help lessen the total bill amount of the moving.

7. Take Help From Professional Movers And Packers

If you have a good budget and can’t take the hassle of packing and moving, go for a cheap moving company that suits your budget.

We understand that doing all the preparations alone is a challenging task, and you cannot manage everything all by yourself. It will demand your time and effort every day.

So, to ease your workload, you can hire any professional packing and unpacking service team. Search for the nearby active list of removalists working in this field and look at their price rates. Choose according to the amount they charge for the move.

Also, if you are looking for a relocation expert at cheap rates in Auckland, we at Best Auckland Removals can provide you with moving and packing services at your doorstep. We are always available for our clients and well known for our affordable price range. 


In conclusion, efficient packaging can be a game-changer when it comes to cost-effective house or office removals in Auckland. By implementing smart tips like utilizing existing containers, acquiring free boxes, and using furniture drawers, garbage bags, and reusable packaging materials, you can significantly reduce expenses. Packing items yourself and seeking help from professional movers and packers are additional options to consider.

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